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The Tangent group is the group behind The Homosexual Information center, Inc., which came out of ONE, Inc in 1965 and incorporated i 1968 as the first public homosexual organizaiton with tax-exemption,. ONE of course had come out of early Mattachine, the first successful gay/lesbian organization in the nation, but ONE was not tax-exempt, but did later form ISHR (The Institute for the Study of Human Resources) to fund the work of ONE, the first public homosexual publication, and ONE still exists today in theree parts, HIC, ONE Institute (which has ONE's material) at USC and ISHR (which also controls the name ONE, Inc).

The website covers a little of our history and projects. We are based on the work of ONE co-founder Don Slater, who was ONE's main editor. ONE Institute has the material of Dorr Legg's work (ONE cofounder) in education, and Jim Kepner (early ONE staff member and founder of the International Gay & Lesbian Archives (IGLA). Since we were the first g/l library/archives, we have matgerial from the early historyof the movement which no other movement library has-there are about a dozone of us, such as Gerber/Hart in Chicago, Lavender Library in Sacramento, Northenr California in San Francisco, Stonewall in Fort Lauderdale, and the library and archives at the Gay Center in New York. Of course other libraries have material, such as our joseph hansen material is at the Huntington Library and you've probably seen the Frank Kameny's material is now at the Library of Congress.

Each year since the founding of the movement in L. a. in 1950 has seen our community double, in groups, publications, services, etc, so that today every aspect of homosexuality is covered, while at the start ONE was the only resource and had to do it all, thus has so much material in all aspects, religious, psychological, political, educational, legal, etc. Much of this is of course in issues of ONE/Tangents Magazine.

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