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Beware! At your own risk! Warning!

Politically Incorrect! Distressingly Decadent! Beyond the pale! un diliquente ineffabile!

A website for the fallen, the ostracized, the scorned, the despised, the damned -- ideas and people alike -- those not mentioned in polite society, not invited to or published in respectable places. A website about "the pariahs" who pioneered the German and Uranian homosexual rights efforts and the Anglophonic homophile and then the gay-liberation movements.

"The Eight P's":



Includes not only those who lust after teenagers, which is of course most of humanity, but those who actually touch them in a sexual way. Not to be confused, as is increasingly done both clinically and legally, with pedophiles, a small minority drawn to prepubescent children and even occasionally infants. Heterosexual men drawn to underage females, constitute over two-thirds, and most pederasts and pedophiles are married to wives. Female pederasts and pedophiles, whether drawn to males or females, seem to be much rarer.

Public sex.jpg

Public Homosexual Sex

What straight people engage in routinely in public-holding hands, kissing—will still get you bashed if you’re gay. The police warn straights but arrest gays, and in some benighted jurisdictions, executed, for having fun in cars and parks and exciting dark places: steam baths, movies, lavatories, and thickets.



Producers or purveyors of prose or art intended to incite lust. In sharp contrast to 30 years ago, what's outlawed now is even possession of pornography that features models, living or dead, or even simulations thereof, under the age of 18. By this definition, many of history's great artists, curators of most major museums, and commercial advertisers today should be prosecuted as pornographers.

Dildos silicone.jpg

Paraphilia and Paraphernalia

From dildos, rubber or leather apparel to cat-o'-nine-tails, whether they're sadists or mascochists, tops or bottoms, masters or slaves, golden shower queens, or worse, they're all condemned as "sick," "victims," and "abusers," especially the same-sex ones. These activities are normally consensual, thus without true victims, and therefore harmless. Occasionally they occasionally get out of hand and can cause physical or psychological damage


Prostitutes (Homosexual) and their Johns

Who is the victim and who is the perpetrator is always debatable, of course. So jail them both! Add more harmless innocents to a prison population that --thanks to the war on drugs --exceeds the number in the U.S. military but not the cost thereof. The U.S. has by far the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. The cost of the war on intergenerational sex is greatly increased by the excessive and unwarranted life imprisonment for pedophiles and other excessive mandatory sentences for sex with those under 18.

T baudelaire.jpg

Les Poètes Maudits

From the before Greeks and Latins, through the Uranians and French decadents -- Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlaine -- to the present -- sinners all! Obscene, vile, pederastic, misogynistic, elitist, pornographic, whorish, blasphemous, drug-crazed, pagan, heretical, atheistic. The Beatniks featured in Fag Rag and Gay Sunshine have since been out-smutted.


Promiscuous, The

One reason gays are condemned is because we're said to be promiscuous. Then we, the so called "leaders" of the newly puritanical gay rights movement, clamored for same-sex marriage to same-age, same-status partners and even for adoption privileges, but even that is condemned by many. St. Paul said that it was better to marry than to burn with lust. But, of course, there's nothing to stop anyone whether gay or straight from marrying and burning with lust!



Among the most reviled of all, this group includes all of our two-term presidents before Abraham Lincoln. In fact, if you count serfs and sharecroppers as virtual slaves, it includes almost all of the elites in all ancient, feudal and early modern societies whose achievements rested on the forced labor of a class that was subject to exploitation of all kinds including sexual. The Google mistranslated "Planter" into Spanish as Jardinera, which means gardener, not plantation owner.

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