Before Stonewall Activists for Gay and Lesbian Rights in Historical Context

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As Vern said in his preface, I helped get the editorship of this book transferred from Wayne Dynes who had trouble getting enough contributors to Vern Bullough who finished it. But Vern wrote that I had taken over the one of the two articles that I contributed from someone who had not finished it. That is not correct. It was Wayne Dynes who had taken over and finished the article on Dorr Legg which Dorr’s lawyer had begun but died before he was able to finish it. I also solicited two articles two articles from Lauritsen and one from Shively but the person who wrote the most articles was Stephen O Murray to whom Wayne had originally proposed to transfer the editorship but Murray declined because he was preoccupied with other tasks. What makes this book especially important is that every author personally knew the subject that he wrote about except of course John Lauritsen who could not have known Prime Stevenson a.k.a Xavier Mayne. Finally, I recently put up Mayne’s Intersexes on my website. Where is this book covers the main activists and scholars from before stonewall, they are set of earlier poems or artist called Uranians who flourished between 1870 and 1930 about whom the authorities are Timothy D’Arch Smith, Donald madder, Michael Matthew Kaylor. They, I think, were in turn inspired by the romantics outstandingly by Byron and Shelly of whom John Lauritsen is becoming the leading authority. The English romantics of course looked back to the cavalier poems themselves inspired by Renaissance writers from Michelangelo to Shakespeare.

The Text

Contents and Contributers (as pdf)

Preface and Introduction (as pdf)

Part 1 Alfred C. Kinsey by C.A. Tripp (as pdf)

Henry Gerber by Jim Kepner and Stephen O. Murray (as pdf)

Edward Irenaeus Prime-Stevenson (Xavier Mayne) by John Lauritsen (as pdf)

Prescott Townsend by Charles Shively (as pdf)

Jeannette Howard Foster by Virginia Elwood-Akers (as pdf)

Pearl M. Hart by Karen C. Sendziak (as pdf)

Lisa Ben by Florine Fleischman with Susan Bullough (as pdf)

Berry Berryman by Vern L. Bullough (as pdf)

Part 2 Organizational Activists Harry Hay by Vern Bullough (as pdf)

Dale Jennings by C. Todd White (as pdf)

W. Dorr Legg by Wayne R. Dynes (as pdf)

Don Slater by Joseph Hansen (as pdf)

Jim Schneider by C. Todd White (as pdf)

William Edward (Billy) Glover by Vern L. Bullough (as pdf)

Jim Kepner by Lewis Gannett and William A. Percy III (as pdf)

Stella Rush a.k.a Sten Russell by Judith M. Saunders (as pdf)

Helen Sandoz a.k.a Helen Sanders a.k.a Ben Cat by Stella Rush (as pdf)

Herb Selwyn by Vern L. Bullough (as pdf)

Hal Call Mr. Mattachine by James T. Sears (as pdf)

Pyllis Lyon by Del Martin (as pdf)

Billye Talmadge by William Fennie (as pdf)

Cleo Glen (Bonner) by Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin (as pdf)

Pat Walker by Del Martin with assistance from Leslie Warren (as pdf)

Bob Basker by James T. Sears (as pdf)

Pictures (as pdf)

Shirley Willer by Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon (as pdf)

Part 3 Movers and Shakers on The National Scene Franklin E. Kameny by David K. Johnson (as pdf)

Jack Nichols by James T. Sears (as pdf)

Lige Clarke by Jack Nichols (as pdf)

Barbara Gittings by Kay Tobin Lahusen (as pdf)

Barbara Grier by Victoria A. Brownworth (as pdf)

Stephen Donalson by Wayne R. Dynes (as pdf)

Randolfe Wicker by Jack Nichols (as pdf)

Arthur Cyrus Warner by John Lauritsen (as pdf)

Richard Inman by Jesse G. Monteagudo (as pdf)

Part 4 Other Voices And Their Influence Allen Ginsberg by Gwen Brewer (as pdf)

Warren Johannson by William A. Percy (as pdf)

Donald Webster Cory by Stephen O. Murray (as pdf)

Evelyn Gentry Hooker by Sharon Valente (as pdf)

George Weinberg by Jack Nichols (as pdf)

Vern L. Bullough by John P. De Cecco (as pdf)

Christine Jorgensen by Vern L. Bullough (as pdf)

Virginia Prince by Vern L. Bullough (as pdf)

Jose Sarria by Vern L. Bullough (as pdf)

Charlotte Coleman by Roberta Bobba (as pdf)

Reed Erickson by Holly Devor (as pdf)

Troy Perry by Lee Arnold (as pdf)

Morris Kight by Felice Picano (as pdf)

Index (as pdf)

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