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Longtime activist and promoter of gay causes, Bruce Hopping is no stranger to the Far East. His father, a rich lumber baron, spent years in Vietnam to export mahogany when Bruce was a child. Bruce served twice in the Navy, shot down while a pilot in World War II, he spent weeks on adrift on raft in shark infested waters in the South Pacific with his tail gunner. Called back in the Korean way, Bruce had a contretemps with his commanding officer at Baimbridge. A trust baby, Bruce has spent most of the rest of his life in Laguna Beach. A great promoter of high school and college athletics and friend of many of the major Ivy League coaches, Bruce still, at 90 years of age, takes high school water polo teams to perform in the Pacific islands, Vietnam, Latin America and African sites. Years ago, he founded the Mariposa Foundation, for whose headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, he commissioned statues of athletes by the Princeton scultpter Brown. Far healthier than I am, Bruce jogs every day in the sands at Laguna and eats a healthy diet and pursues other healthful regimens. His mind, like his body, is active, articulate, and energetic.

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