Christmas Day 2012 - Email from Billy Glover

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I'm still recovering from eating 3 meals yesterday, and feeling "romantic" or nostalgic, so even though the room looks great-and I've sat on that couch several times, and slowly climbed those stairs, I still have good memories of your house in L. A.- (Encino?) there is no San Diego, etc, everything from Santa Barbara to the border is L. A. to me. Houses are interesting but i am not sure how they reflect the person/s. I loved Don & Tonys old victorian in Echo Park-Angelino Heights, down a street from touristy Carrol St. And Rudi's apartment in the downstairs of the old house across the street,next to the place that author lived when he wrote that smartz book (movie) of lovers-never having to say you are sorry-forget.

I was surprised I felt nothing when I returned to LA And lived in the same house I grew up in. None of the places I lived in in L. A. are memorable-apartment on Lafayette Park-but I could walk to Tommy's And Pup & Taco-on Rampart? And the house we had on Prospect at Vermont was good but not special. Near the Barnsdal? stores and that famous house on the hill, and the House of Pies. But I think the apartment/cottage Susan has in Oceano is great. And Jeanne's house is good for its location-I still remember us meeting and eating at the IHOP on Sunset near Hollywood High. the one place i neve rliked was that expensive house in Reseda or Encino of that Bob- too modern, etc, even with the view.

Bill Percy's big old typical Boston house is great, it is warm and of course has to be in that weather, and costs to keep up. He has three apartments rented out but you would never know it, and he lives on the second floor and guest and office on the third. It is comfortable, And he is a great host. And taking the bus and walking around Boston is great.

I liked Toby's house and especially that it is in Austin, a city I have not gotten to know but think is a great place to live AND it is near San Antonio. I won't discuss Amarillo or Lubbock as they seem so unfriendly, and weather is not great. My niece and family lived in a mobile home near Plainview/Halfway and she worried about tornados-husband went to Texas Tech. But then they divorced and now she and son are in Las Vegas and Ricky and wife are in Georgia. Cousin Mary Alice lives in home owned in Spearman TX, next to OK, but stays lots in Houston where son and daughter and families live, so she has two homes and grew up here of course.

There is nothing special about this part of LA. But I live here cheaply and have one or two good neighbors and friends. I don't connect to any group etc but as you know can sure send emails about things. I can understand why someone-my cousin for one-moves to Denver, and then we have Paul Cain who has lived in So CA, Phoenix, Reno and now Pam Springs, so I still wonder how he feels about each place, but I get it tht it is who you are with that makes all have meaning.

Melvin and Peter live in a good old house in (Weatherly) PA and I love that area-near old mining towns, Amish country, etc. If their health gets better they will travel in an rv and give the two dogs (Tasha and Lilly) a trip.

I loved/love the house on Summit Ridge, Dolores, and should call Tony to see how he is doing. I love it geographically-4 corners, etc. But he now says he may sell and move as he has no one to help him there. His main relative, nephew, lives in Dallas, so he had thought of moving there. but he never communicates, so I will have to check. But he is near Durango, etc, so it is a great tourist area and mountains (Teluride) and desert in a few miles. Mesa Verde, etc.

And of course most of us don't have to live some place due to work. So it seems the ideal is to have place to live, not expensive, etc, and then be able to travel and go places. Before we get too old to travel that is.

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