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It isn't coming up again. I just found some old emails and wanted to see if I had shared them years ago. We still exchange letters and phone calls with Tony and he is happy and as I've said, he was supporting Don (as my parents, and in a sense Melvin, supported me) while we worked at Tangents/HIC, so he did his part financially etc. And as I've said, their attorney said she tried to find a way to share something with HIC but to protect Tony (or Don) she had to do it the way she did-that's Lequita McKay who was partner with Ed Raiden, who handled (I think Joe was the one who got him involved) our part of the ONE legal case, which we won-we got the material and Dorr got the name, but we gave him back material he needed to work with. (And of course he got the income from the newly started ISHR that still exists today and has given some to Todd for his work.) Ironically Don and I were the first people paid by ISHR.

Lequita also was with Ed in the Blind Dog Foundation, and when he died it moved to Bakersfield, and I talked with her a few times. The last time a year or so ago I didn't get her but a friend, who said she had moved to near San Bernardino and was not in good health-I had called about needing name of woman who put up the bond for the legal case-so the material did not go back to Dorr.

I also wonder what happened to Bill Morrison, who printed our directory and he and Don did lots of work together. He moved to Las Vegas and never answered his phone. And I never learned what happened to Leslie Colfax-Jack Gibson, Don's old school friend, with whom I rode to Alaska.

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