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Gene graduated from Exetor Academy, then Magan Cum Laude from Harvard, where he got his doctorate after spending two years in Paris. I met Eugene Rice when we were at Cornell University. He has three grown children and was married for 30 years. William R. Shepherd Professor of History Emeritus Eugene F Rice Jr. is a specialist in Renaissance Europe. Rice began teaching history at Columbia in 1964. He served as chairman of the department from 1970 to 1973 and chairman of the Society of Fellows in the Humanities from 1984 to 1988. Since the 1960s Professor Rice has been a mainstay of the Contemporary Civilization course, which he has also chaired. Rice's works include The Renaissance Idea of Wisdom (Harvard 1958), The Foundations of Early Modern Europe, 1460-1559 (Norton 1970) and Saint Jerome in the Renaissance(Johns Hopkins 1985). He also edited The Prefatory Epistles of Jacques Lefevre d'Etaples and Related Texts (Columbia 1972). He received the Great Teacher Award from the Society of Columbia Graduates in 1984. After his wife's death, he introduced gay history courses at Columbia and founded a gay studies society there. He also taught at Cornell University for 9 years leaving in 1964. He served one year as vice president of American Historical Association. The lectures in his Renaissance course were the best I've heard at any university. Second to Mommsen's, all of which were better than I've has at Princeton both undergraduate and graduate years. He has virtually finished what promises to become the most erudite book History of Homosexuality in Europe Ancient Israel and Greece to French Revolution. Like many others I'm eagerly waiting for its arrival.

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