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A leading shrink at UCLA, Evelyn Hooker, an honorable straight, married as she was, hooked up with some of the earliest members of the Mattachine Society. In the mid 1950s she decided to investigate how well adjusted homosexuals were. Recognizing that those investigated by "professionals" came from prisons, insane asylums, those sent to, or going to, shrinks of all descriptions, whether psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage counselors, rabbis, priests, ministers, financial counselors, you name it, might not be typical, she sought out less skewed samples. She secured two samples of thirty each paired for age, education and intelligence. She used all the standard techniques but the judges weren't able to tell which were heterosexual and which were homosexual. She got a similar result with the Rorschach test. This she busted the outrageous stereotype of "the homosexual' then prevalent. She proved that homosexuality was not a pathology, with forms as varied as heterosexual - that homosexuality was merely a deviation within the normal sexual range and that types of sexual desires ands expressions were far less important in the structure abd development of personality than previously assumed. She concluded that even if societal condemnation makes them somewhat maladjusted, that homosexuals are not maladjusted in other areas of our behavior. Although Hooker in her later studies never made such a dramatic contribution she remained a hero of out movement and was awarded by appointments to presidential committees, appointed to deal with "the homosexual problem." The fact that she was a married woman supporting the "homosexual agenda," made her pronouncements harder to ignore because she was not one of "them." I wish we could find more such straights to speak the truth for our cause as Evelyn did. I suggest that our "gay leaders" create a category of individuals, greatly to be "honored and remembered" for supporting our cause as the Jews have for gentiles who help the Jewish people.

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