Father Jermaine

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By William A. Percy:

A distressed and distraught Jesuit whom I had never previously even heard about somehow found his way to my doorstep and settled into my quarters several years ago. Of a certain age, exuding lust and rage, telling tales full of sound and furry, he intrigued me. After about a fortnight, I learned that he burned all his bridges behind him. He hoped to move in with me and that I should support him indefinitely, I reacted. Reluctantly with a cold heart and a troubled conscious, I shipped him away to New York after he virtually drained my cellar dry. I later learned that he had moved to Atlanta, where once he had done some counseling.

He left a large manuscript with me, having repeatedly failed to have it published by several reputable presses. I know that he hoped it would be published someday. I’m waiting to gratify the wish he expressed to me that it see the light of day.

I lost track of him couple of years ago and hope that he will reply to this notice on my website. His controversial and sometimes perhaps libelous memoirs have been gathering dust in my closet ever since. I decline to verify any of his stories but feel certain that some of it will be verifiable. It will interest certain folks. He did have a Ph.D. in Theology from Oxford and long acted as chief private secretary of the Jesuit Order, ironically known as “The Black Pope”.

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