Further Thoughts from Billy on Behind The Mask of the Mattachine

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3 Feb 2007

It covers lots of ground and is helpful in other areas of the early movement. I spent a few weeks twice with hal and worked briefly in the Mattachine office before starting at ONE (I had gone to the convention in Denver in 59.) I think it gives hal a little too much credit for being first when actually ONE was since I was first to get going. And while he did do "legal" work to get rid of censorship, so did ONE, and Playboy, etc. And it was thought that Mattachine Review would use "experts" and not homosexuals, and ONE did the opposite, but then both did a certain part of the job of getting the message out.

It is curious that the books says Hal seemed to have trouble with his sexuality and went to the other extreme with his pornography, etc. But we also said what is wrong with being sexual-homosexual is a good term. Gay seemed to be a way of hiding the 'sex" part.

I sure think anyone in the future that writes on homosexual/homophile/gay/lesbian movement history has to know the info in this book as they do the book from Vern Bullough, Before Stonewall, and now I think the book of Paul Cain's and Making History join with these books in a group for classes, etc.

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