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Gert Hekma teaches gay and lesbian studies in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the UvA. His specialism is sociology and history of (homo)sexuality -- see his publications. His teaching is in the same field where he is responsible for the BA-track gender, sexuality and culture. See under "education" the courses he is teaching. He co-organized several conference f.e. Among Men, Among Women (1983), Organizing Sexuality (1994),Queer Sports (1998), Sexual Cultures in Europe and smaller ones on the Marquis de Sade, masturbation, the history of sexology, the rise of the gay and lesbian movement and same-sex marriage. He is editor of several books on gay history and sociology, including (with Kent Gerard ) The Pursuit of Sodomy, (with Harry Oosterhuis and James D. Steakley) Gay Men and the Sexual History of the Political Left, and (with Franz X. Eder and Lesley Hall) Sexual Cultures in Europe.He now works on an encyclopedia of perversions, on the Dutch poet Jacob Israel de Haan, on discrimination of gays and lesbians in The Netherlands, on sex capitals and on a comparison of gay emancipation after WW II in various Western countries.

Hekma is in my opinion the most provocative and influential out gay prof on the European continent. In Aldrich's recent book published n 7 languages Hekma argued that the younger partner in a male to male intergenerational sex is not necessarily harmed unless force or incest is involved contradicting the prevalent the mantra of the sex abuse groupies.

He also opined throughout the history and across cultures 60 percent of male male homosexual bonding involved intergenerational pairs. 30 percent gender differentiated pairs only 10 percent age and gender similar pairs

He successfully argued that under age gays should be allowed to proceed on their own barge and the recent gay pride parade down the canals of Amsterdam in spite of protest that "pedophiles" would be masturbating while watching them. So far as I know he is the first person to have stated so categorically the majority of male sexual relationships across time and space have been pedarastic.I believe that young males up to age 25 often engage in homosexual activity with other males of the same age as well as other males of younger and older age. I believe that Hekma should have considered cross class and cross race type of homosexual pairings which create that petite deferans which is so natural to heterosexual but gives added frisson to same-sex sex that it would otherwise lack so much for the modern gay ideal of two totally equal males.

Some articles by Gert Hekma:

  • Scandal 2007
  • Sexual Minority Rights in Europe
  • Jacob Israel de Haan: sexology, poetry, politics
  • Pro-Gay and Anti-Sex. Sexual Politics at a Turning Point in The Netherlands (2008)
  • An introduction of the George Mosse Foundation, in English and in Dutch
  • Mosse Lectures Spring 2004
  • The decline of sexual radicalism in the NL (in English, published in Gert Hekma (ed) Past and Present of Radical Sexual Politics, Amsterdam: Mosse Foundation, 2004)
  • Die schwule Bewegung in die Niederlände, 1912-1970 (in German published in Goodbye to Berlin. Hundert Jahre schwule Bewegung, Berlin Rosa Winkel 1997)
  • Queering Anthropology (published in Theo Sandfort e.a. (eds) Lesbian and Gay Studies, London/NY, Routledge, 2000)
  • Male prostitution (in Dutch) (published in Gay 2001)
  • Porn panic (in Dutch)
  • Sexual education in multicultural schools (published in Thamyris 7:1/2 (2000)
  • A report of his stay in San Francisco (in Dutch published in Gay 2001)
  • Edmund White (in Dutch)
  • Sade, masculinity and sexual humilitation partly published in German in Oesterreichische Zeitschrift fuer Geschichtswissenschaften 11:3 2001
  • Gay and lesbian sports in Holland, in English published in Journal of Homosexuality 35:1 1998.
  • Review of a book about Islamic homosexuality (in Dutch)
  • A critical comment on the Spanner case, in which British gay men were condemned for having sadomasochistic sex with mutual consent. (in Dutch)
  • A paper on contemporary Dutch sexual cultures ("How liberal are the NL?; fc. in English).
  • A proposal for a research project about gay culture in five different cities (in English).
  • Review of a book by Igor Kon about the sexual revolution in Russia.
  • Three little articles for the Encyclopedia of Homosexuality:

About the Dutch gay organization COC
About Amsterdam
About sadomasochism

  • An article about the history of the gay bar culture in Amsterdam (unpublished)

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