Joseph Drexel

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Joseph Drexel went far through seminary but decided at the last minute not to become a catholic priest because of his homosexual inclinations. At 60 something, he is an artist, poet, collector of fine objects and an dealer and is also a gay scholar. He lives in a run-down apartment on the Lower East Side in Manhatten. He is hopping to produce a book on infibulation among the Ancient Greeks. He is the great nephew of Catherine Drexel, who after donating 50 million dollars to the Catholic Church to help Native Americans and Afro Americans was canonised. Years before her father, the greatest of the famed banking family in Philadelphia, second only to the Biddels, donated the endowment for the Drexel Institute, still one of the premier technical schools in America. Besides maintaining numerous splended residences and keeping up with the rest of high society this amazing family made more charitable donations.

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