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Judith Levine has written widely across a number of issues. Her most famous work, "Harmful to Minors" is a contemporary classic, highlighting the idiocy and brutality of current sex offender laws and "child protection" measures.

Extract from Judith's website


“[Judith Levine's work] contains a multitude of virtues: its ability to surprise both with information and with insight, the clarity of its voice, the courage of its conviction, and most of all, the respect it pays to the reality with which it is dealing.”

-Los Angeles Times Author and journalist Judith Levine illuminates the ways that history, culture, politics, and the marketplace are entwined in intimate life. Her work is informed by a forceful moral politics that balances a vision of the public good with a fierce defense of personal freedom.

Levine's best-known book, Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex, was widely attacked by the religious Right - then won the 2002 Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Her articles have appeared in dozens of national magazines and anthologies, and she speaks widely at schools, conferences, and in the media.

She is an activist for women's freedom, civil liberties, and peace. A founder of the National Writers Union, No More Nice Girls, and Take Back the Future, Levine currently serves as a director for the National Center for Reason & Justice and the American Civil Liberties Union's Vermont chapter.

Levine lives with her longtime companion in Brooklyn, New York, and Hardwick, Vermont. She enjoys moving as fast as possible under her own steam through water and over roads, mountains, and snow. Levine is an avid watcher of art, film, and people, an adventurous cook and eater, and a devotee of cats.

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