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Marilyn Skinner is Professor of Classics in University of Arizona. She is an expert on the female poetic tradition in ancient Greece, focusing on Sappho and her successors Korinna, Erinna, and Nossis. She has also published widely on Roman constructions of gender and sexuality, especially in the poetry of Catullus, and is co-editor of the essay collection Roman Sexualities (Princeton University Press, 1997). Her recent publications include a monograph, Catullus in Verona (Ohio State University Press, 2003), and another co-edited collection, Vergil, Philodemus, and the Augustans (University of Texas Press, 2004). Sexuality in Greek and Roman Culture, the first comprehensive survey of ancient representations of sexual behavior, was released by Blackwell Publishers in 2005. Professor Skinner regularly teaches CLAS 362, "Women and Gender in Antiquity," which is cross-listed with Women's Studies.

Review of Sexuality in Greek and Roman Culture by Marilyn Skinner Reviewed by Beert Verstraete (as pdf)

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