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Dear Bill,

Great letter to GLR!

Thanks for going to the trouble, and thanks for sending me a copy. I look forward to seeing it in print although I guess that won't be for a while as the next issue is July-August.

You may like to know that over here in the UK I recently sent out a press release announcing the re-launch of Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons. I said it is now being distributed by Dangerous Books Ltd (which is my own company), adding that there would be a press conference, details to be announced later.

The good news coming out of this is that about half a dozen national newspapers have emailed to say they want review copies. These include the very powerful Daily Mail, with a circulation of over two million, while the rest are upscale papers with good book review sections.

One prestigious paper has even asked for a copy with a view to running an extract from the book in their colour magazine! When they read it they may feel that the book is a bit too sympathetic to boylove for their readers to stomach, but for them even to think about such an exercise is one hell of a breakthrough for a self-published book – especially bearing in mind they are well aware of my "notorious paedophile" status!

How has this been achieved? Well, I believe YOU should take most of the credit.

Remember when Amazon were taking books about paedophilia off their lists? They deleted my earlier book, Paedophilia: The Radical Case, but fortunately left Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons unmolested. You kindly signed what was to have been a petition in favour of the Jackson book but in the end it was not needed for that purpose. In doing so, you very generously referred to it as "a work of genius".

Well, I hope you won't be mad at me, but I decided that was too good a line to go to waste. It was a quote to which you put your signature for use in a public context, so I thought it would be OK to use it in my press release. It has been this, I believe, which has captured the attention and imagination of the UK press. I hope it will also inspire the American media once I have established some credibility here on my own home turf.

For me, the next stage in achieving this credibility will be the press conference. The review copies went out last week. The standard industry practice is to allow three months for literary editors to commission their reviewer, enable the reviewer to plan the reading into their schedule (typically they have piles of books ahead of them), and finally for the reviewer actually to read the book – which in this case is of course a very big one.

So, I envisage a press conference in late August, timed to coincide with Michael Jackson's birthday, on the 29th. This will be in London as I will be focusing at this stage on the UK press. What I will be doing in the coming weeks is seeking out a big name of some sort to sprinkle a bit of stardust on the occasion. There are a couple of famous columnists here who have condemned anti-paedophile hysteria and might be willing to come along, and I have other ideas too.

Prof. Richard Green has already promised to attend as a scholar who, like yourself, gave enthusiastic pre-publication endorsement comments. If you were thinking of being in Europe this summer and could come along, that would be great. I'd love see Tom Hubbard over from the U.S. as well, and Jim Kincaid. I don't presently have the money to pay airfares or other expenses, unfortunately – but that might change if the book does well!

So, thanks again, and best wishes,


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