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AKA Bill; William Armstrong Percy, III; William Armstrong Percy Jr., William Armstrong Percy; William A. Percy, Jr; William Percy; Bill Percy; Uncle Bill; Uncle Will; Wee Willie; Bad Billy; Auntie Wilma; and sundry other names unmentionable in polite society.

I am a Southerner; an Episcopal atheist; a former Republican; a capitalist; a refugee from the Ku Klux Klan, the Southern Baptists, and other members of the fundamentalist Protestant right; and a gay activist. I am also the senior professor of history and the senior pre-law advisor at UMB. I attended nine universities and have taught in nine. I have published 5 books, a dozen articles, about 100 notes (short articles), and 100 book reviews. From me you will gain a different perspective.

On this politically correct campus I am diversity itself: a semi-expired white male of the old school.

Autobiographical essay as published in Princeton University's 1955 at 50

I was immensely relieved last year to be reclassified by the U.S. Supreme Court as no longer a felon. In 1973-4, the American Psychological Association, and in 1974-5, the American Psychiatric Society, proclaimed that I was no longer ill or in need of therapy. Thanks to the Massachusetts Supreme Court, I may now marry a male. The Episcopal Church has ordained a practicing homosexual as bishop, a daring move I fervently pray will result in a schism no deeper than that between the High and the Low Church. The Pope, however, as well as the Born Agains, still considers me a sinner. The Massachusetts legislature since 1989 has protected my kind against discrimination in housing, which I don't need because I own 10 condos in Boston's South End.

My freshman advisor at Princeton, Goheen, was running for president and didn't have time for me. I fled at the end of my sophomore year because Dean Godolphin sent me to a shrink, to whom I was devious enough not to confess, fearing, correctly, expulsion. I was denied a junior year in Paris because my sophomore advisor, the eminent Presbyterian, E. Harris Harbison, deemed me "too immature," a Freudian concept for homosexuals. So I fled to the Army, not having been skillful enough to bed more than two fellow students at Princeton, and then only once each. Worse, I hadn't really gotten to know my way around the gay haunts in Manhattan, no doubt because I wore gray flannel to Greenwich Village.

I found the Army more congenial. For a year I was at Fort Ord in the infantry (sleeping with all those handsome butch recruits in the barracks) and then weekending in San Francisco, where no one ever let me buy my own drink. After learning Norwegian at the Army Language School, I was pictured on the front page of the Army Times as the 10,000th graduate. Then the CIA recruited me to interpret French in a spy school on Saipan. J.R. Strayer himself, my favorite history teacher and a classmate of Allen Dulles', opened the door to the CIA, which perhaps was why they took me despite the fact that their lie detector caught me denying my homosexuality.

I graduated from Tennessee in '57, went for a year to Cornell, then to the University of Naples, back to Cornell after Ted Mommsen's suicide, and finally finished my Ph.D. at Princeton, about taxes in medieval Sicily, under Strayer. Next, I taught at the University of New Orleans, the most integrated in the South, which radicalized me, and next at L.S.U., the largest in the South, if you didn't count Texas. I was run out, denounced as a dangerous Communist by the head of the state's Democratic Party because I favored integration and opposed the war. I escaped to St. Louis.

The President of the University of Missouri was greatly relieved to learn that I was at St. Louis rather than Columbia, where he was. After two years, that dump fired me - the low point of my adult life. Then I lucked into a high-paying job at University of Massachusetts, Boston.

By adhering to How to Win Friends and Influence People, a book far superior to the Bible, I quickly became the most popular professor on campus and the Chancellor's best friend. This brought me early tenure and promotion in 1974 despite scant publications - half a book on the Renaissance.

Then I decided to drop my disguise. Heeding my cousin Wallis' quip that one can never be too thin or too rich, I shed 40 pounds on a Mexican sabbatical diet of mangos and huevos tibios with dry toast every other morning. On return I appeared for the first time ever in blue jeans at the faculty club and gave How to Win Friends to a bumptious student. I've never been appointed to significant committee since, although I have steadily attracted a devoted clique of students and have published books about Greek pederasty, Roman marriage ages, as well as co-edited the two-volume Encyclopedia of Homosexuality, and a far-ranging book advocating Outing. I am currently suing UMB for homophobia.

Edited Biographical Sketch In Who's Who

PERCY, WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, III, historian, educator; b. Memphis, 10 Dec. 1933; s. William Armstrong Percy, II, and Anne Minor Dent. Valedictorian, Middlesex School, 1951; Special Program in the Humanities, Princeton U., 1951-1953. U.S. Army, 1953-1956; Norwegian, Army Language School, 1954; French translator, CIA, 1955. BA, U. Tennessee, 1957; certificato, Universita di Napoli, 1960; MA, Cornell U., 1961; AM, 1962, PhD, 1964, Princeton U. Dissertation: "Taxation in the Kingdom of Sicily under Charles of Anjou (1266-1285) and the Vespers," serialized in Italian Quarterly. Teaching asst., Cornell U., 1957-60; asst. prof., U. New Orleans, 1962-64; Louisiana State U., Baton Rouge, 1964-66; assoc. prof., U. Missouri, St. Louis, 1966-1968, U. Massachusetts, Boston, 1968-1973, professor of history, 1973-. Co-author (with Jerah Johnson), The Age of Recovery, the Fifteenth Century, 1970; co-author (with Warren Johannsen), Outing: Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence, 1994, "Homosexuals in Nazi Germany," Simon Wiesenthal Center Annual VII, 1990; co-author (with Arnold Lelis and Beert Verstraete), The Age of Marriage in Ancient Rome, 2003; author, Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece, 1996; author, "William Alexander Percy: His Homosexuality and Why it Matters," Carryin' On: An Anthology of Southern Lesbian and Gay History, 1997; assoc. editor, Ency. of Homosexuality, 1990; mem., editorial bd., Journal of Homosexuality, 1994-. Active in Civil Rights and Anti-War Movement, Baton Rouge, 1964-66; Act Up, Boston and Washington, D.C., 1990-96. Mem.: Boston Athenæum (proprietor, 1976-), American Hist. Assn. (chair, comm. on Lesbian and Gay history, 1989-91). Episcopalian.


Professor of History University of Massachusetts


Valedictorian, Middlesex School, 1951.
Special Program in the Humanities, Princeton University, 1951-53.
Army Leadership School, Fort Ord, California, 1953.
Army Language School (Norwegian), Monterey, California, 1954.
B.A., University of Tennessee, 1957.
Fellow, American Numismatic Society, Summer 1958.
Certificato, University of Naples, 1959.
M.A., Cornell University, 1961.
A.M., Princeton University, 1962.
Ph.D., Princeton University, 1964.
Post-Doctoral, South Central Renaissance Institute, Duke University and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Summer 1966.
Seminar on The History of Legal and Political Thought, Columbia University, 1974-76.
Seminar on Homosexualities (CUSH), Columbia University, 1989-1996.
Lesbian and Gay Seminar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1989-91.
Seminar on Civilization of Ancient Greece and Rome, Center for Literary and Cultural Studies, Harvard University, 1991-96.
Seminar on Lesbian and Gay Studies, Columbia University, 1998–2002
Boston Athenaeum, Proprietor, 1977–present


Instructor, Leadership School, U.S, Army, Ft. Ord, California, 1954.
Interpreter (French), CIA School, Saipan, 1954-55.
Teaching Assistant, Cornell University, 1957–8, 1959–60.
Assistant Professor, University of New Orleans, 1962–64.
Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University, 1964–66.
Associate Professor, University of Missouri-St. Louis, 1966-68.
Visiting Associate Professor, Washington University, Summer 1967.
Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts–Boston, 1968-73.
Professor, Northeastern University, part-time 1969–81.
Visiting Professor, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Fall 1975.
Visting Instructor, Norfolk Correctional Facility, Walpole, MA, Spring 1978
Instructor, Norfolk State Prison, Spring 1982.
Professor, University of Massachusetts-Boston, 1973–Present.


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Pre-Law Advisor, 1968-2000, with annual addresses to Pre-Law Society.
Secretary and Member, Planning Committee for UMB, 1968–70.
Head faculty representative for opening the Harbor Campus.
Chairman of the UMB Graduate Council, 1972–73.
First teacher in the UMB night school, 1973.
Original Planner for the History M.A. Program at UMB (1975).
Secretary of the UMB Faculties, 1973–77.
University of Massachusetts Press Committee, 1975-77-first member from UMB.
Visits to Massachusetts correctional institutions almost annually with my pre-law class.
Public lectures almost yearly at UMB on topics from prison reform, presidential effectiveness and foreign policy, the New Left, law schools, to Gay History and why I am a Republican.
Occasional Advisor and Judge for the UMB Debating Society.
Chair, Committee on Lesbian and Gay History, American Historical Association, 1989-91.
Unofficial advisor to the UMB Administration and member of various Committees concerned with equal rights for lesbians and gays, 1988–present.
Faculty Senate of the Colleges of Arts and Science and University Assembly at UMB, passim. most recently 1991 and 1995.
Faculty advisor, College Republican Club, 1993–2003.
Nominated Martin Duberman for honorary degree at UMB, 1992–93.
Faculty advisor, College Gay and Lesbian Group, 1993–94.
Nominated Gore Vidal for honorary degree at UMB, 1993–94.
Undergraduate Majors Committee at UMB and various other department committees, passim.
Member of Columbia University Interfaculty Seminar on Gay and Lesbian Studies, 1994–95.
History Promotions Committee at UMB, member since 1975 and often chair.
History Personnel Committee at UMB, member and chair several times since 1973-1974 and most recently 2000–2001 and 2002–2003.
History Department Executive Committee, member and chair several times, most recently 1996-97, 2000-2001, 2003–2004.
Member, Advisory Board, International Journal of Social Education, 1990––present.
Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Homosexuality, 1994-present
Nominated Vern Bullough for the American Historical Association Award for Scholarly Distinction (1998).
Founded and endowed the Percy Prize (2000), an annual award for the UMB student who has done the best research about the most effective activism for lesbian and gay rights—cancelled in 2003 when university refused to announce it or its winner properly.
Chair, History Personnel Committee at UMB, once before 1975 and again in 2000-2001, 2002-2003.
Member, Campus Life Resource Team at UMB, 2001-2002.
Member, Advising Committee at UMB, 2002. (It met only once and accomplished nothing)
Member, Graduate History Committee at UMB, several times.
Hundreds of hours fighting for equal rights for gays and lesbians at UMB.


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