Princes often hire pedophiles as tutors

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The devastatingly handsome Lord Louis Mountbatten (originally Battenberg), whom everyone knows was partially of Jewish descent, was a favorite of the Prince, who became Edward VIII. And he picked as a tutor for Prince Philip a very well known pedophile, David Jeffreys, realizing that pedophiles, having the greatest interest in youths, could make the best possible tutors. This pedophile was known to C.A. Tripp. Tripp encouraged him to record a visit that Jeffreys made to the Philippines, the notorious place where one could acquire boys by the dozens, and I put up his record of it on my website. Accompanying Jeffreys to the Philippines was the Danish prince, Sext Kopf, who Kinsey said had had sex with more persons than anyone else alive. Kopff's memoirs are recorded on Erwin Haeberle's website. Jeffreys reported to Tripp that though he would never touch a tutee, he was surprised when Philip, at the age of six and sitting on his knee, reached up and kissed Jeffreys unbidden. Of course, Jeffreys could have been exaggerating to Tripp. Tripp also reported how the circle of homosexuals, while occupying Germany, picked up Little Hans at age twelve, and they took him back to Britain, where they educated him very carefully. When he was ready to go to university, they decided to send him to Cambridge rather than Oxford, because he was already so well educated in litterae humaniores that Oxford could hardly benefit him any more. Cambridge had early on decided to emphasize what Newton and Locke specialized in. Little Hans became so adept that he ended up as the head of the Atomic Energy Commission in Italy. Thus the influence of the homosexual circle around Lord Mountbatten was enormous.

See ref: David_Jeffreys and the summaries of his travels: [1]

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