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From Marshall Burns:

Dear colleagues and friends,

It’s been almost a year since I last sent a “bulk e-mail,” which announced the report on my Registry Road Trip ( So I hope you don’t mind hearing from me again this way.

The occasion this time is to let you know, or remind you, about an important conference coming up next month in Los Angeles – the fifth annual national conference of the organization, “Reform Sex Offender Laws.” RSOL is the group that started the public debate on public registries. RSOL’s website is where I first learned about the registries. The information I found there spurred the research that became the foundation of SOL Research. Although SOLR will not be presenting at the conference, I fully support RSOL’s mission and encourage everyone interested in this important field of social justice to attend.

The conference provides an opportunity to interact and network with researchers, mental health professionals, criminal justice practitioners and advocates interested in reforming current law, policy, and treatment of people convicted of sex crimes. It will be held at a hotel near LAX airport over the Labor Day weekend, August 29 to September 1. Discounts on registration and hotel rooms are available until July 31. If cost is a problem, I understand the organizers are arranging to allow people to defray the cost of attending by volunteering.

This is the first time the conference is on the West Coast. It is hosted by the California chapter of RSOL, which has been making incredible strides in contesting and overturning park bans and other measures that are not only unconstitutional, but also ineffective at preventing crime.

For more information about the conference, and to register, check out:

Best regards,

Marshall Burns, PhD

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