Silver and clay The art of the symposium in Ancient Greece by William A. Percy

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Preface and Table of Contents (as PDF)

Chapter 1 Introduction (as PDF)

Chapter 2 Greek Vases: An Overview of Modern Interest (as PDF)

Chapter 3 The Petulant Squabbles of Oxford Dons Reconciled (as PDF)

Chapter 4 The Problem of Silver in Antiquity (as PDF)

Chapter 5 Ancient Elites and their Precious Metal Dinnerware (as PDF)

Greek Silver & Gold and the Greek Tyrants (as PDF)
From Miltiades to Alcibiades (as PDF)
Boardman vs. Vickers (as PDF)
Periodic Destructions of Silver Sympotic Ware and Hellenistic and Roman Sympotic Ware (as PDF)
The Warren Cup: Not at all typical (as PDF)
Conclusion and Appendix (as PDF)
Ancient Authors Cited and Secondary Sources Cited (as PDF)

William A. Percy's notes (as PDF)

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