Slater, Don and Legg, Dorr -- coworkers, but in the end antagonistic

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Don and Dorr were both rare people -- it seems to me that is why they worked together so long but also why they ended up separated

billy glover
to pauldcain

Mar 17, 2011

Don would have said the same thing, and I know this mentally, but can't let go. And I do know that you and one or two others DID try to deal with Don and even some both and were rejected, for no real reason-I think the man who did Gay American History also got no help. But I was told by both that they had been burnt by one or two previous experiences, so were overly cautious. But also Don did believe what he told you, as he told that to me and others who kept pestering him to do his history. Once he did say he would try while staying at the house (retreat) in Dolores (CO). No luck. It is on Summit Ridge over Dolores. It and a few acres cost them $13,000. I went with them, can't remember why but of course enjoyed the trip, when they met with the owners (Winfred and Nell Wheatland) at the realtor's office to sign the papers. Even though it is worth lots more now, the area still, thankfully, has not grown that much.

It is of course an hour from Telluride, which while great for rich people, paid $75 a month for the rest. Wheatland then used that to buy a small shotgun house in downtown Dolores. After Nell died he sold it and went into a small apartment built for elder citizens by the government which was across the alley from the house. They had built that house themselves, and while doing so lived in a underground "house" across the street, where neighbor Cline later built a house. I think the son still owns the land, now cut through by the highway going from Durango/Mancos to Salt lake City. Celler, up the hill, is the one who sued them and lost, about the irrigation ditch.

We drove form L. A. to Dolores dozens of times-Tony did not go as someone had to stay at the house in Echo park, even though Rudi (Steinert) lived across the street. Also Tony worked. Which is why I know not to fuss about John O'Brien being right about one thing-Tony was in a hurry to get out of the house on Calumet. Why we never understood. Jim Schneider said there might have still be a VA loan against the house and (thanks to them not being married) he would not be able to keep it and they might just withdraw it. Also Don's nephew Philip (one of Harvey's sons-married Mormon, another interesting thing) told us that the house was in bad shape, sitting on bricks that were falling apart and it would take thousands to fix it.

But this is why John had the chance to come into the house and "help" by stealing anything he thought, with no justification, should be ONE's and it is possible he never gave it to ONE-he was Executive Director at the time, later forced out when USC refused to go further with the 909 building. That is when Jim Schneider, who was on the original ONE, Inc board became a ONE Institute board member (also of course HIC board member-co-founder) and went to USC people and convinced them to let him do the work and that is the reason it was finally ready to use. Again, it is legally and morally relevant that ONE Institute was never ONE, Inc.

BUT the basement was good even though part was dirt. They had put in flooring for two reasons. One for HIC's material, the large desk, file cabinets, etc. My fear is that John stole material from it that was, all of it, ours-the corporation's. And Tony had fixed up a room to dance on-had a piano down there And there was a small bathroom. No material was harmed there. The small part put in the garage-not major things-did get wet-maybe from humidity.

I, and others, lived for some time as a guest in the Echo Park house, and I spent much time, often alone, at the house in Dolores-I loved the Four Corners area-you had everything, desert, mountains, but ironically-and typical of Don, we never went on that Durango to Silverton train trip. We of course drove the route several times, and we took a neighbor to the VA hospital in Grand Junction several times-they are all dead now. The Brumleys were really a wild tale. Really "Pioneer" types. Had an apple orchard.

I can't picture Dorr and Johnny Nojima) doing or living this way. Nor being loyal to those facing troubles, such as standing by Joe Hansen when Jane got sick and died, and Rudi Steinert as he died. And he helped Dale Jennings get the apartment Rudi had lived in when the owner had other people waiting. (Jim Schneider took care of Dale and put him in a nursing home near his house in Commerce until his death.) Tony took care of an older woman (in Colorado) who played piano for him when he danced at local events/senior citizen places, until she died.

And I do think it is important to know Don's thinking, partly as a native Californian-about never going to a game at Dodger's Stadium as it was there because they stole the land of poor Mexican Americans who owned Chavez Ravine. And many others came to believe as he instinctively did, that when the city/county tried to take over "historic" areas, as they did his, especially Carroll Street, thus telling owners what they could do with their houses, he objected. He was as honest a person as I have ever known. And a good friend and co-worker.

From: PaulDCain Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 10:36:59 Subject: Re: Do I ignore lies?/RE: Your lies continue and your are a thief/RE: You are... To:

Billy, I think the best way to respond to "lies" is to tell your truth once, and then leave it alone. I always "consider the source," and I consider Wayne Dynes an unreliable source (overly biased, and unnecessarily argumentative). I don't know as much about John O'Brien, but I do know enough that I would not accept what he has to say without qualification.

And remember, I tried my damnedest to meet with Don, and he rebuffed me -- he said (and I paraphrase) that I could learn everything I would need to know through his writings. Dorr and Jim made themselves available upon request. You can't really expect more of a historian than that, can you? pdc

==Original Message==

Subj: Do I ignore lies?/RE: Your lies continue and your are a thief/RE: You are a liar/RE: Don Slater... Date: 3/16/2011 12:12:36 Pacific Daylight Time From: To: pauldcain@

In all of his emails there are a few good thoughts-for instance where he says that Don Slater deserves honor for his work. I think it is ok to think he was wrong or has different views from you or me, etc. BUT when John O'Brien tells lies what should I do? I gave everyone a true picture of Don's thinking-good and bad. That book review was not pretty. That is good reason for others to disagree with him, but not his service. What I will never understand is why John, who came late, never had any knowledge of ONE before they died, and strangers took over-with the possible except of Walter Williams-says Don was a thief. And why did so many writers come to L. A. and visit with Dorr and Kepner and NOT visit with Don? There has to be some reason and ignorance, to me, means they are incompetent or unethical.

From: PaulDCain Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 22:35:10 -0400 Subject: Re: Your lies continue and your are a thief/RE: You are a liar/RE: Don Slater... To:

Billy, are you familiar with the old saying, "Never attempt to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time, and annoys the pig"?

I don't know why you are arguing with Wayne Dynes. He will never admit to being wrong, and I can hardly imagine anything that would be more wasteful of your time than arguing with him. You won't see me wasting any more of my time on him -- I have better things to do, and I'll bet you do, too. Best, pdc

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Subj: Your lies continue and your are a thief/RE: You are a liar/RE: Don Slater is misunderstood/RE: ONE Date: 3/15/2011 08:56:05 Pacific Daylight Time From: To: causecollector, waynedynes

Thank you for admitting that you are a thief. The legal settlement did NOT give Dorr material, basically, it gave him ONLY the name, ONE. Why did you think you were appointed to be the savior of ONE's material when Dorr did not have a concern about it-since he knew the facts. You came from the East Coast to save us ignorant West Coasters? How arrogant and ignorant.

And you are telling these lies to the person who lived in that house and was there working on the material after Don's death. I said Tony was anxious. That is why I started moving the material, giving part to Vern to get to Cal State Northridge and this was before you got involved. You also lied, apparently to the ONE people too, after we agreed to join ONE/ILA at 909.

Where is your discussion of how Jim Schneider had to be the ONE board member, as HIC part, to get 909 ready for us to occupy? You pick and choose your "history" and change it to fit your agenda. Don never had to do this, since he was right, and the legal system said so. Did you ever discuss things with Dorr's attorney? Apparently no one else there did or has-is Chodos still alive?

Somthing that seems never to have gotten on record is that ONE Institute was never ONE, Inc. Think about it.

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