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E-mail from Billy Glover about Don Slater and ONEE-mail from Billy titled My start and early years fitted me to work in the movement/crusadeEOH:WHYOutOfPrint
EOT TOCEarly HELLENISTIC JUDAISMEarly Uranians: Cory, Dolben, Hopkins
Earthquakes, etc.East Coast Bias
Ed BoyceEdward Brongersma
Ellis, Havelock - 20th century Literary Criticism biographyEllis, Havelock - bibliography
Encyclopedia of HomosexualityEncyclopedia of Homosexuality -- by contributorEncyclopedia of Homosexuality -- by subject
Encyclopedia of Homosexuality -- by titleEncyclopedia of Homosexuality ArticlesEncyclopedia of Homosexuality—by subject
EoH-subjectsEpicureanismEric Rofes
Erica GewirtzErik van Ree address regarding pedophilesErwin Haeberle on The 17 Year-Old Child
Erwin J. HaeberleEthical Tasks of Homosexuals by Dr.Kurt Hiller translated by David ThorstadEugene Rice
Eva CantarellaEvelyn HookerEverett K Rowson
Ex-gay conundrum by Wayne DynesExilesExiles and Emigrés
FLORENCEFag Rag: The Most Loathsome Publication In The English Language by Charley ShivelyFall Preview: Buildings are not more important than people
Famous Homosexuals and BisexualsFantinos flawed kiddie porn crusade
Farewell To A 'Venerable' Radical Gay MagazineFather JermaineFear & pleasure
Fear without Function: Do Sex Offender Registries Reduce Crime?Ferguson, Kate
Finding new tenantsFirst few pages of the Epilogue from The Culture of Classicism by Caroline Winterer - This has gotten worse since thenForging a new model for campus inclusivity J. Keith Motley
Foster, Stephen WayneFoucault, MichelFoucault on anti-pedophile hysteria
Frances Densmore on marriage customs among the OjibweFreddie GreenfieldFrench Erotic Writings from the Ancien Régime to the Revolution by Wayne R. Dynes
French WallFriend told Naglic to stand up to loverFriends of Percy Photo Album
Fritz BernardFrom Luther to RosenzweigFrom Wayne's Blog
From my long lost distant cousin, the lovely, affable and erudite Margaret Buchanen who descended from Robert Percy through his youngest son, Charles Evans Percy.Front Page StuffFurther Thoughts from Billy on Behind The Mask of the Mattachine
GLBTQI Taliban is as evil as the religious fanatics of Islam and ChristianityGallery of Family and Friends
Gandhi outed?Gannett demolishes the phantom Ann RutledgeGarry Otton
Gay Bibliography: a short guideGay Law and Social Change May 9, 2008Gay Liberation and the Taboo on Male Homosexuality
Gay LiederGay Movement Bibliography (US only)Gay Music: The Case of Beethoven's Ode to Joy
Gay senior's murderer gets 25 yearsGaybashing cops get appealGaybashing inquiry called for as Toronto cops lose appeal
Geer, Will -- early activist, friend & coworker of Harry Hay, and Hollywood actorGene RobinsonGenealogical Charts & Biographical Notes
Genealogical Charts and Biographical NotesGeorge E. WoodburyGerry Studds
Gerry Studds ObituaryGert Hekma
Giovanni Dall’OrtoGlenn Beck's comments on "sex offenders" are ill-judged and promote murder!Glenn Beck's comments on pedophiles are ill-judged and promote murder!
Glenn Beck coverage of the young Iranian homosexual's problem with Holland and EnglandGlenn Beck coverage of the young homosexuals Iranian's problem with Holland and EnglandGlobal Future of Sexology Speech
Gnosticism  Going to Jail: The Incarceration ExperienceGone With The Flood by William Armstrong Percy III
Gone with the Flood: A Hidden Family Narrative by William A. Percy IIIGreat DistortionGreat Moments in Politics Shively, Mitzel and the Struggle Against Chickenshit
Greek HistoryGreek Love Reconsidered
Greek Pederasty RevisitedGreek and Roman ClassicsGross Indecency
Gruber, John -- death ofGuide profile of joseph massad desiring arabs 03 2008.pdfGumbo and the Future
GymnasiaH-NET Book Review Published by (January 2007)HIC Index
HIC WebsiteHands off the Peat!: The Rape of Minnesota’s Big BogHansen, Joe
Harry Hay Interview from Icon Magazine, December 1996Harry Hay and Don Slater, two views on homosexuality from pioneer friendsHarry Stack Sullivan
Harvesting Cotton-Field Capitalism - The New York Times article by Felicia R. LeeHate campaign has made me prisoner in my own homeHay, Harry
Health and finances shade our views - Billy Glover emailHeirs Of The Roman EmpireHellenism and Homoeroticism in Shelley and His Circle
Hellenist JudaismHelmut Graupner
High and Later Middle Ages 305 SyllabusHighly interesting revelations about Obama - Interesting email from Mark Miner
Hirschfeld, Magnus - bibliographyHistorian: 19th-century Germans invented modern gay rights movementsHistorians' Fallacies
Historical Facts about the Origins of IslamHistory of Common LawHolland, Hugh
Holy RollingHomeownership vs. homeHomo Sex in Colonial America
HomocaustHomophile Studies in Theory and PracticeHomophonies 1979 dossier la pedophilie.pdf
Homophonies 1984 dossier la pedophilieHomosexuality
Homosexuality/gay/queer/LGBTQQWXYZHomosexuality BibliographyHomosexuality Part One
Homosexuality Part TwoHomosexuality and the HolocaustHomosexuality and the State: What the Atlanta Murders Reveal, by David Thorstad
Homosexuality in the Middle AgesHonourHousing Restrictions Keep Sex Offenders in Prison Beyond Release Dates by Joseph Goldstein
How Not To Interpret Latin EpitaphsHuman Rights Watch – No Easy Answers: Sex Offender Laws in the US
Human rights wrongsHunt, RichardHunter et al.
HyMAIan YoungIf but the Greeks could make reply - a poem by Andrew Calimach
Ignoring Iran: a Hastily Drafted Response to Ahmed Rashid’s Article in the New York Review (Sept 8, 2013)Images: Some Notes on England and Canada by Stephen W. Foster
Imagining SocialismInfo for book review of Burning Typewriters/the Underground Press/small reference to outingInformation for UMass Students
Inmate Counts by William A. Percy (working paper)Institutions and ArchivesInternational-journal-of-greek-love-vol1-no1.pdf
International journal of greek love vol1 no1.pdfIntersex MagInterview of Kameny by Will O'Bryan of Metro Weekly
Introduction to the 2006 Edition Lantern on the LeveeIs Christianity Hostile To Physical Appetites?Islam and BL
It's OVER!J.G. Brown's BoysJUDAISM
JUDAISM: the source of Western HomophobiaJack GarridyJacob Israel de Haan: sexology, poetry, politics
James DavidsonJames DubroJames Dubro's writing criminally intense; Mafia expert's first brush with the Mob came when he was 12 by Bill Taylor Toronto Star
James Dubro - A newspaper article about himJames EngellJames Jope
Janssen, DiederikJanssen, Diederik CVJay Tolson
Jeffrey WeeksJen lands in the Franklin Square House ... and Buzz can’t get her outJervey, Huger Wilkinson
Jesus AddendumJesus The JewJim Kepner
Jim SearsJoe Klein blows the whistleJohn, Lord Hervey by James Dubro
John D'Emilio
John DeCeccoJohn GerassiJohn Grube - obituary
John LauritsenJohn Lauritsen's latest contribution on GLFJohn Mitzel: A Remembrance by Michael Bronski
John MitzellJohn WaybrightJoint Obituary of Crompton and Karlinsky
Joseph DrexelJoseph Wallfield
Judith LevineJudy Garland's Casket HandlesJulian Fantino hawks new book
Jury acquits lover of the death of Janko NaglicJustice Doesn't Require Vengeance by Bill DobbsJustice system failed Bernard Baran
KIM, MY BELOVEDKantorowicz arrives in the USAKaraites
Katz, Jonathan NedKauffmann, Walt
Ken FurtadoKen PlummerKenneth Dover obituary by Wayne Dynes
Kevin SessumsKight, MorrisKoran Search by Wayne Dynes
Kurt Hiller's 1928 Gay Rights SpeechLGBT: A DissectionLa Plus Ça Change
Lad's Love indexLand Grab: Ramsey vs. the IndiansLandmark bar to go on the market
Large GLBT Archives in FloridaLarry KramerLate-Hellenist Judaism
Latest Billy Glover email - Old age and healthLatest news on controversy surrounding Roman marriage ageLaud Humphreys
Law Creating Passport Mark for Sex Offenders Faces First ChallengeLawyers Challange Lewdness Arrests at Port Authority Bus Terminal by Joseph Goldstein
Lee, Eleanor PercyLegg, W.Dorr
Leon Trotsky, "The German Puzzle," translated by David ThorstadLetter regarding Alan Cowell’s article of the 21st of September, “Goethe is Outed and Germany Yawns"Letter regarding Emily Wilson's review regarding Seneca
Letter to Boston Globe regarding Jackson's "Biblical Advice" articleLetter to Boston Globe regarding Richard Hoffman's article about Ancient GreeceLetter to Christopher Street regarding Clemmer Mayhew's review of "Outing"
Letter to Commonweal regarding Norman Cantor's articleLetter to New York Review of BooksLetter to The Boston Globe Magazine 7 August 2000 about Elizabeth Cox’s short story, “The Last Fourth Grade
Letter to The New York Review of Books regarding the review of "Why Lincoln Matters Today More Than Ever"Letter to The New York Times regarding David Firestone’s article on Gwendolyn Hall’s research of the origins of African-American slavesLetter to The Times regarding Daniel Wakin's article about pedophile priests
Letter to Times Literary Supplement regarding Johan A.C. Greppin's article "The Triumph of Slang"Letter to Times Literary Supplement regarding Michael O'Brien's article about Will PercyLetter to Times Literary Supplement regarding the plight of Simon Kovesi
Letter to Wall Street Journal regarding Daniel Golden's article “New Battleground in Textbook Wars: Religion in History,”Letter to the EditorLetter to the Editor - TLS April 6 2012 Issue - Eudora Welty by William A. Percy
Letter to the Editor of Barron'sLetter to the Editor of Gay and Lesbian Review regarding Kevin Jennings' speechLetter to the Editor of Globe regarding coverage of Geffen comments
Letter to the Editor of Princeton Alumni WeeklyLetter to the Editor of the Gay and Lesbian Review "Psychiatry Not As Advanced As Claimed"Letters from my fans
Letters in Gay & Lesbain Review/meaning of fairy/Harry HayLewis BakerLewis Gannett
Libellisua fata habent—or books have their destiniesLife on the weekendsLincoln Buzz - Historians Changing View of President Lincoln's Sexuality by Michael Hamar
London Lecture 13 February 2007Louis Crompton
Love, Athenian StyleLover charged in Naglic slayingLuckily my life has been uneventful - Thirty years ago today
Lunch Is My Favorite SportMARRIAGE AND ARTMack, Gerstle
Madeleine Witherspoon DentMagnus Hirschfeld Archive for SexologyMagpie issue 11 May 1978
Malcolm X was gayMan/Boy Love and Feminism
ManhuntMarilyn B. SkinnerMark Miner's interesting email about the B4U-ACT conference
Marriage, Marketing, Tailending: The U.S. Left and Same-Sex MarriageMarriage – Glover views onMartha Nusbaum
Martin R. Hoffmann Death NoticeMassimo ConsoliMatthew Waites
McDonald, BoydMe and my biological familiesMeasuring Content of the Elderly and Old Age in College Level History Textbooks
Mediaeval SocietyMedieval Latin Poetry
Medieval Mind History 309 SyllabusMeet the new chiefMemoirs, Draft of the Early Chapters
Men and BoysMencken on the J's
Michael Chesson's Speech Given At The Opening of Lincoln LibraryMichael Matthew KaylorMichael Vickers' misunderstanding of the book Alcibiades
Minnesota's Great Anishinaabe Fish-OffMinor, John B.Mississippii Sissy Review
More press for Oscar Wilde ToursMore than you or anyone else would ever want to know about the Bruce Rind controversiesMorelli, Wölfflin, Beazley by Wayne Dynes
Moses Williams Jr. '55 Memorial from Princeton Alumni WeeklyMurder case shifts gearMurder trial begins
Murder trial loomsMust see French film "In the House" directed by Francois Ozon 2012
My Grad Years by Wayne DynesMy RootsMy email is blocked again by Billy Glover
My niece Cathy's e-mail regarding Percys back in 2006My unusual householdNY Times heralds Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL)

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