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Nardelli on Davidson and DoverNavigating the Stigma of Pedophilia: The Experiences of Nine Minor-Attracted Men in Canada by Carin Marie Freimond
NewStartPageNew Person bioNew Yorker
New and FeaturedNick Pappas
No Easy AnswersNo forensic evidence to link accused to Naglic's deathNorman Douglas
Norman Mailer and One - Billy Glover emailNote about correspondence between Harry Benjamin and Alfred C. KinseyNote by Harris Mirkin May 10, 2013
Note by Harris Mirkin May 11, 2013NotesNotes from Billy Glover
Notes on the Historical Tradition of Artist Rankings by Wayne DynesNudity in artNuestra Senora de los Dolores
Nuremburg Trials for AIDSO'Carroll, TomONE/IGLA BULLETIN Kepner Remembered
ONE Archives Donated to USCObituary of Billups Phinizy PercyObituary of William B. Sprout III
Old Hat RegurgitatedOlderRecentToCheckOlympic Games
On Beert VerstraeteOn Men and BoysOn People
On UraniansOn the beatOnline books of GLTB interest
Op-ed by Billy GloverOrigins of IslamOrtlepp, Ernst
Oscar Wilde ToursOur slick and silly South EndOuting:Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence
Outing – 1960s activists on a 1990s controversyOverview of novum opusP&P Cartledge Review
P&P Jope ReviewP&P Jope Review ReadPRESOCRATIC THEMES by Wayne R. Dynes
PROUST AND GIDEPamela D. SchultzPamela Schultz
ParaphiliasPatrick SamwayPatristic
Patristic WritersPaul HarrisPaul Knobel
Paul Knobel's Bio-bibliographyPaul ShannonPaul Varnell
Pederasty and HomosexualityPederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic GreecePedophiles want same rights as homosexuals by Jack Minor
Percy's History Textbook ProjectPercy, Anne DentPercy, Charles
Percy, Ellen ObituaryPercy, LeRoyPercy, Thomas George
Percy, WalkerPercy, William A. IIIPercy, William Alexander
Percy FamilyPercy Family Photo Album
Percy blog for March 11Persky, StanPerson of interest sought in Magill killing
Peter Stynes' email about Charley Shively's current conditionPeter TatchellPetronius
Philly Forum Tackles Sexuality of U.S. IconsPhilosopher's debate, redux - Letter to Princeton Alumni Weekly by William A. PercyPhilosophy a new publishing website referred by Richard YuillPhotos from a visit to C.A. TrippPhotos of Prisons
Pictures at an ExecutionPlautusPlease check out Jim Fouratt's repsonse to banning of Sarah Schulman from speaking
Please check out Joann Wypijewski's essay on Steubenville, OH footballersPlease check out Judith Levine's review of Sex Panic and the Punitive State by Roger N. LancasterPlease check out Lewis Gannnett's Response to Michael Ferguson's "Was Abraham Lincoln Gay?"
Please check out Michael Chesson's blog about his Parish of Epiphany Haiti Medical Mission tripPlease check out William A. Percy Foundation for Social and Historical Studies websitePlease check out the article The Science of Sex Abuse by Rachel Aviv in the Jan 14, 2013 issue of The New Yorker
Please check out this interesting piece GAY FICTION; TWO TRADITIONS from Dyneslines.blogspot.comPlutarchPopular Professor Lear Denied Tenure-Track Position in Classics
Portal:BlogPortal:Book Reviews
Portal:Courses and Seminars Taught by WAP
Portal:Letters to Editors
Portal:Scholars & Activists
Pot shardPoulet
Prescott Dunbar IIIPricing the Priceless Child by Harris MirkinPrinces often hire pedophiles as tutors
PrisonPro-Gay and Anti-Sex. Sexual Politics at a Turning Point in The Netherlands (2008)Purported earliest defense of homosexuality
Putting the dream behindQueer Spirits Book ReviewQueer Theory's Heist of Our History
Queer theory and the neoliberal / neototalitarian orderQueering Archives discussion/RHR Issue on "Queering Archives"
Questioning authenticity and plausibility: Sappho, Anacreon, Theognis & the Transmission of Greek PoetryR. vs. Sharpe: A Personal AccountR. vs. Sharpe Two: Fresh Charges
RSOL conference in LA next monthRacism/Civil War book/ and the Agenda of the early Catholic Church for AmericaRalph Horne by Alison Barnet published in The South End Historical Society Newsletter Spring 2013
Ralph Nicholas Chubb: Poet, Printer, Pacifist, ProphetRalph Tindal ArticleRe-exportation: The Illegal Slave Trade From Cuba to the United States, 1808-1862
Reason Magazine: Sex offender laws represent the triumph of outrage over reasonReassessing Roman Pederasty in Relation to Roman Slavery: The Portrayal of Pueri Delicati in the Love-Poetry of Catullus,Tibullus, and Horace
Recent news clips and personal correspondence received from Bruce HoppingReed Erickson
Reference to homosexuals in articles in current issue of TIME Magazine, relevant to your new book-Gay Press, Gay PowerRegister of Erotic Books
RejoinderReligious Roots of the Taboo on Homosexuality: A Materialist View by John Lauritsen
Remember When 1933 - A Nostalgic Look Back In Time - Thanks to my sister Anne for including a few photos from my childhoodRemembering Viviana Muňoz-Mendoza and ’la lucha’Reminiscences of John Burnside and Harry Hay by David Thorstad
Report by Beert Verstraete on his research and research-related activities during his year of sabbatical leave, 2010-11Report of What He Has Been Doing from Wayne HimselfRepresentations of Homosexuality in College-Level American History Textbooks: A Survey and Critique
Response by Phillip Mitsis to Glen Bowersock's Review "Men and Boys"Revelations on Charles Percy
ReviewReview by Camille Paglia of The Man Who Wrote Frankenstein written by John LauritsenReview of
Review of "The Boswell Thesis" by John LauritsenReview of A Freethinker's Primer of Male LoveReview of After Tamerlane by William A Percy
Review of Arthur P. Wolf: Incest Avoidance and the Incest Taboos, Two Aspects of Human Nature by Thomas O'CarrollReview of Barry Reay's New York Hustlers: Masculinity and Sex in Modern AmericaReview of C. Todd White's 'Pre-Gay L.A.: A Social History of the Movement for Homosexual Rights'
Review of Craig Williams'Review of Guy Hocquenghem's The Screwball Asses
Review of John McMillian's Smoking Typewriters by William A. PercyReview of Judith LevineReview of Locals Only: California Skateboarding 1975-1978
Review of Making History Normans and Their Historians In 11th century ItalyReview of Michael Bronski'sReview of Michael Bronski's A Queer History of the United States (Revisioning American History) by William A. Percy
Review of Robert Aldrich, editor, Gay Life and Culture: A World History by Paul KnobelReview of S. Sara Monoson’s Citizen as Erastes: Erotic Imagery and the Idea of Reciprocity in the Periclean Funeral Oration by Jason MaasReview of Sarah Goode
Review of Susan ClancyReview of The Dynamics of Ancient EmpiresReview of The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me
Review of William W. Warren: The Life, Letters, and Times of an Ojibwe Leader by Theresa M. SchenckReview of the Book Gay L.A.Review of the Cambridge Economic History of the Greco-Roman World
Review of the bookReview of the book "Gay L.A."Review of the book about Edward Carpenter
Reviews:A Revision by William A. Percy of "Thoughts About A Review of Before StonewallReviews:Before Stonewall by Glover & PercyReviews:Bertram Wyatt-Brown's The House of Percy
Reviews:David Halperin’s One Hundred Years of HomosexualityReviews:Doris Kearns Goodwin’s second act - By Alex BeamReviews:JESS Article
Reviews:John Barry's Rising TideReviews:Lincoln, Scholars, and Sex
Reviews:On Before StonewallReviews:On Doris Kearns Goodwin's recent comments about LincolnReviews:On Homosexuality in Greece and Rome by Thomas Hubbard
Reviews:On The Age of RecoveryReviews:On The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln
Reviews:Rejected “Afterword” By Charley ShivelyReviews:Saller's Patriarchy, Property and DeathReviews:The Gay Report by Karla Jay and Allen Young & The Spada Report by James Spada
Reviews:Walter Scheidel's Debating Roman DemographyReviews of books by/on Percys
Reviews of books on HomosexualityRevival of HIC (d.b.a. The Tangent Group since 1965)Richard George-Murray
Richard J. RosendallRichard RSORichard Yuill
Richard Yuill email addressRichard the LionheartedRictor Norton
Riding the Registry My Tour of Broken Lives by Marshall Burns, Ph.D.Riegel, DavidRights of passage Ex-offenders finally get their prom—but may have to wait for the right to vote
Rind VindicatedRitch Savin-WilliamsRod Dreher on Walker Percy
Roger LancasterRoman History 302 Syllabus
Roman Marriage Age RevisitedRomanticism or clear vision?Rostovtzeff Greece
S.J. KingSPIKED! The brilliant Lepore has finally overreached!SWP vs. Gay Liberation
Saara LiljaSamuel M. StewardSandbox
Sappho and Sulpicia Dethroned by William A. Percy
Sarah PomeroySaying Goodbye to Arthur Cyrus Warner, MBA '43, JD '46, PhD '60Scandal 2007
Scholar's Pedophilia Essay Stirs Outrage and RevengeSecond victim in 1967 murder identifiedSelf-hating gays? by Wayne Dynes
Setting the Record StraightSewanee How to Make a Yankee Southern: Memories of the 1940sSex & economics
Sex OffendersSex Offenders: The Last PariahsSex Panic and the Punitive State
Sex offenders & human rights Soros grant application.pdfSext KopfSexual Freedom and the Classical Ideal
Sexual Minority Rights in EuropeSexual Offender Residence RestrictionsSexual Violence
Sexuality & Eroticism among Males in Muslim SocietiesSexuality and Socialism: Book ReviewSexually, Are We Becoming Wilder or More Conservative?
Shadowland: The Hidden World of Child Pornography by Harris MirkinSharpe, robinSicily
Silver and clay The art of the symposium in Ancient Greece by William A. PercySimon GoldhillSimon Karlinsky
Slater, DonSlater, Don, and the Homosexual Information Center either ignored or misunderstoodSlater, Don and Legg, Dorr -- coworkers, but in the end antagonistic
SlaverySlavery’s Capitalism A New History of American Economic DevelopmentSlumlords and Hippies - 1968
Social ConstructivismSocial DemocracySome foreign archives
Southern Historians in New EnglandSoviet-era erotic alphabet book from 1931Special Video Presentation: Youtube links from a not too distant past. Boys beware!
Spiked!Spiked by WikipediaSt.Augustine's Confessions: What Was Its Effects on the Medieval World?
Statement on Dismissal of Curley Anti-Free-Speech SuitStatus of Agreement
Stephen J. KingStephen O. MurrayStephen Wayne Foster
Steven Angelides' Article in GLQSteven Angelides' Article in GLQ in 2004Stoicism
Stonewall Veterans AssociationStuart TimmonsStudies of Homosexuality Volume 1
Studies of Homosexuality Volume 10Studies of Homosexuality Volume 10 IntroductionStudies of Homosexuality Volume 11
Studies of Homosexuality Volume 11 IntroductionStudies of Homosexuality Volume 12Studies of Homosexuality Volume 12 Introduction
Studies of Homosexuality Volume 13Studies of Homosexuality Volume 13 IntroductionStudies of Homosexuality Volume 1 Introduction
Studies of Homosexuality Volume 2Studies of Homosexuality Volume 2 IntroductionStudies of Homosexuality Volume 3
Studies of Homosexuality Volume 3 IntroductionStudies of Homosexuality Volume 4Studies of Homosexuality Volume 4 Introduction
Studies of Homosexuality Volume 5Studies of Homosexuality Volume 5 IntroductionStudies of Homosexuality Volume 6
Studies of Homosexuality Volume 6 IntroductionStudies of Homosexuality Volume 7Studies of Homosexuality Volume 7 Introduction
Studies of Homosexuality Volume 8Studies of Homosexuality Volume 8 IntroductionStudies of Homosexuality Volume 9
Studies of Homosexuality Volume 9 IntroductionSummer in the citySupplement to Greece and Rome
Susan's Place - Transgender ResourcesSusan Lee CableSusan Wells Armstrong
Sweeping in ChangeSweet Mary JaneSweet Prince of Orange or Lavender
Symonds and use of "homosexual"SymposiaSympotic-ware: Ceramic Pots or Silver Vases
TAORMINATHE PRESOCRATICS IN SEQUENCE by Wayne R, DynesTeens main producers of child pornography
TeleologyTemplarsTent City
Text and ContentsThe Age of AdversityThe Age of Marriage in Ancient Rome

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