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  1. "Chasing Aphrodite," a Gettywatch website, interested in DUL!
  2. "Gloomy terrors or the most intense pleasure?" Please check out Philip Schofield's post on OUPblog
  3. "Strangers in the mist: the family, global capitalism, and legislators on trial" by Richard Yuill and William A Percy
  4. "The Crown theory was bullshit"
  5. "Unpersons" of the Past and Present - Letter to the Editor by Stephen W. Foster - The Gay and Lesbian Review March-April 2012 Issue
  6. 'A trial of hearsay'
  7. 'LGBT' vs. homosexualities
  8. 'Vida loca' led to death
  9. (word doc)
  10. 110º in the Shade
  11. 2010 Water Polo Awards Banquet - news clipping from Bruce Hopping
  12. 2803 guide ns shanley
  13. 8Ps
  14. A Brief Account of Homosexual Bibliography
  15. A Christian Boy-Love Poet: Willem de Merode
  16. A Critique Of Today's Classicists by William A. Percy
  17. A Day in the Life of Peter Tatchell
  18. A Defence of Uranian Love
  19. A Final Demolition of the Spurious Theories of Saller, Shaw and Scheidel
  20. A Radical Reinterpretation of the Timing of the Shift from Clay to Silverware at Greek Symposia
  21. A Theology of Freedom and Play, and Intergenerational Relationships
  22. A free man
  23. A message titled UK: Ancient text shows 'gay activist' relayed by David Thorstad
  24. A new book gives context to Stonewall, letters in new Gay & Lesbian Review and Harry Hay, discussions by Billy Glover and others
  25. A new tool - Since President Obama signed the U.N. Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Some Alaska Natives believe they have new standing in land use conflicts by Joshua Tucker
  26. A non-controversial discussion that I personally think worth having historically
  27. Aberration, Sexual (EoH)
  28. Abnormality (EoH)
  29. Abnormality OLD
  30. Abomination (EoH)
  31. About Andrew
  32. About Andrew Lear
  33. About Arthur
  34. About Beert
  35. About Bertram Wyatt-Brown
  36. About Bruce Rind
  37. About Charley Shively
  38. About Donald Mader
  39. About Eugene
  40. About Freddie Greenfield
  41. About Haeberle
  42. About James
  43. About Jim
  44. About John
  45. About Joseph
  46. About Lewis Gannett
  47. About Thomas Hubbard
  48. About Tripp
  49. About the Early Movement
  50. Abraham Lincoln: A life in the closet?

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