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  1. "Gloomy terrors or the most intense pleasure?" Please check out Philip Schofield's post on OUPblog
  2. (word doc)
  3. 8Ps
  5. A Christian Boy-Love Poet: Willem de Merode
  6. A Critique Of Today's Classicists by William A. Percy
  7. A Final Demolition of the Spurious Theories of Saller, Shaw and Scheidel
  8. A Radical Reinterpretation of the Timing of the Shift from Clay to Silverware at Greek Symposia
  9. A Theology of Freedom and Play, and Intergenerational Relationships
  10. A critique of today's classicists in four parts
  11. A critique of today's classicists in four parts - newer version
  12. Aberration, Sexual (EoH)
  13. Abnormality
  14. Abnormality (EoH)
  15. Abnormality OLD
  16. Abomination (EoH)
  17. About Bruce Rind
  18. About Donald Mader
  19. About Joseph
  20. Abrahamic Religions (EoH)
  21. Abu Nuwas (EoH)
  22. Achilles (EoH)
  23. Ackerley, Joseph Randolph (EoH)
  24. Active-Passive Contrast (EoH)
  25. Activist, Gay (EoH)
  26. Addition to Ralph Horne's Obituary
  27. Adelsward Fersen, Baron Jacques D' (EoH)
  28. Adhesiveness (EoH)
  29. Adler, Alfred (EoH)
  30. Adult-Adult Sexuality (EoH)
  31. Advertisements, Personal (EoH)
  32. Aeschines (EoH)
  33. Aeschylus (EoH)
  34. Aesthetic Movement (EoH)
  35. Afghanistan (EoH)
  36. Afterword to Alcibiades the Schoolboy
  37. Also see Verstraete's 2012 paper on Roman pederasty and Roman Slavery, under his name in "Scholars and Activists"
  38. Alternative Review of "Gay L.A." by Ronald L. Tate
  39. America's unjust sex laws
  40. An Arcadian Photographer in Manhattan
  41. An Early Activist Critique of Stalin's 1934 Antihomosexual Law: "A Chapter of Russian Reaction" by Kurt Hiller Introduction and Translation by David Thorstad
  42. Ancient Romans Married During Their Teens by Thomas O’Carroll & William A. Percy
  43. Anonymous
  44. At last some sense, read Adam Cohen's sensible editorial in the New York Times, 10 March, 2008 on that horrendous NBC debacle, "To Catch a Predator."
  45. At last some sense, read Adam Cohen's sensible editorial in the New York Times, 10 March, 2008 on that horrendous NBS debacle, "To Catch a Predator."
  46. Athenian pages and poem by Andrew Calimach
  47. Auden
  48. Austria
  49. Authur Warner Spiked
  51. Bad Billy
  52. Barnet, Alison
  53. Billy Glover on Amos Lassen's review of A Queer History of the U.S.
  54. Book Review by Doug French: The Case Against Adolescence: Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen by Robert Epstein
  55. Book Review titled Baby, Take a Bow Shirley Temple and the Myth of Childhood Innocence by Judith Levine
  56. Boston
  57. Boston Pride honors John Mitzel as an Honorary Marshal posthumously
  58. Boswell, John
  59. Byzantine Empire
  61. Cambridge
  62. Camille Paglia's column mentioning John Lauritsen's
  63. Canon
  64. Catalog of Coltsfoot Press and Acolyte Press
  65. Catullus
  66. Check out Prohibited Panoramas - a lovely post and a lovely website William Dobbs emailed me about
  67. Check out the newsletter Bulletin mensuel Quintes-feuilles
  68. Christemp
  69. Chrysostom
  70. Clement
  71. Common Law
  72. Correspondence titled "Pederasty Is Part of Gay History" in The Gay and Lesbian Review
  73. Dall'Orto Document forwarded to me by Wayne
  74. Damian
  75. Dead Scholars and Activists
  76. Death of an Activist
  77. Dialogues involving William Alexander Percy and his circles by Stephen W. Foster
  78. Didier Eribon's critique of David M. Halperin
  79. Donald Mader
  80. EOH:WHYOutOfPrint
  81. EOT TOC
  83. Ed Boyce
  84. Encyclopedia of Homosexuality -- by contributor
  85. Encyclopedia of Homosexuality -- by subject
  86. Encyclopedia of Homosexuality -- by title
  87. Encyclopedia of Homosexuality Articles
  88. Encyclopedia of Homosexuality—by subject
  89. EoH
  90. EoH-contributers
  91. EoH-contributors
  92. EoH-subjects
  93. Epicureanism
  94. Erik van Ree address regarding pedophiles
  95. Ethical Tasks of Homosexuals by Dr.Kurt Hiller translated by David Thorstad
  96. Exiles
  97. Exiles and Emigrés
  99. Fag Rag: The Most Loathsome Publication In The English Language by Charley Shively
  100. Farewell To A 'Venerable' Radical Gay Magazine

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