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Stuart Timmons’ The Trouble with Harry Hay, chronicled almost a century of gay life in Los Angeles, which became a Book of the Month Club selection. He has covered gay politics and culture from theater to AIDS, as well as reported on education, the environment, and other topics. His work has appeared in papers such as LA Weekly, The Advocate, Frontiers, Vibe, and Spin and his short stories have appeared in various anthologies. He is also co-author with Lillan Faderman of GAY L.A.: A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics, and Lipstick Lesbians. For a long period Timmons was in charge of the gay archives so carefully and artfully assembed near the University of Southern California by Walter Williams, where he most helpfully and courtesaly assisted me. but I first met him here in Boston when I was hosting Harry Hay and John Burnside. Timmons was tagging along gathering material for his biography. During that visit of theirs, the late prominent photographer of the leading figures of the American gay rights movement came here to my house to photograph them and while he was here took photos of Charlie Shively and others.

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