Studies of Homosexuality Volume 1

From William A. Percy
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Les Stoiciens Et L'Amour by Daniel Babut (as pdf)

Die Dorische Knabenliebe Ihre Ethik und Ihre Idee by E. Bethe (as pdf)

An Enigmatic Indo-European Rite: Paederasty by Jan Bremmer (as pdf)

Homosexuality as Submissive Behavior: Example from Mythology by Vern Bullough (as pdf)

The Politics of Spartan Pederasty by Paul Cartledge (as pdf)

Achilles and Patroclus in Love by W.M. Clarke (as pdf)

What Do You Say to Someone Who Claims that Homosexuality Caused the Fall of Greece and Rome by Louis Crompton (as pdf)

Why Oedipus Killed Laius: A Note on the Complementary Oedipus Complex in Greek Drama by George Devereux (as pdf)

Greek Homosexuality and Initiation by K.J. Dover (as pdf)

The Sexual Episodes in the Satyricon by Chrisopher Gill (as pdf)

Slavery and Homosexuality at Athens by Mark Golden (as pdf)

Female Homoeroticism and the Denial of Roman Reality in Latin Literature by Judith P. Hallett (as pdf)

Parallels between The Gilgamesh Epic and Plato's Symposium by George F. Held (as pdf)

A Greek Indecency and Its Students by H.D. Jocelyn (as pdf)

A Note on an Overlooked Word-Play in the Akkadian Gilgamesh by Ann Draffkorn Kilmer (as pdf)

Pueri Meritorii by Werner A. Krenkel (as pdf)

Pueri Meritorii Romani by Werner A. Krenkel (as pdf)

Tribaden by Werner Krenkel (as pdf)

Plautus by Saara Lilja (as pdf)

Some Aspects of Ancient Egyptian Sexual Life by Lise Manniche (as pdf)

Roman Attitudes to Greek Love by Ramsay MacMullen (as pdf)

Tibullus and the Puer Delicatus by P. Murgatroyd (as pdf)

Sexual Revolution 600 B.C.- 400 A.D.: The Origins of Institutionalized Pederasty in Greece by William A. Percy III (as pdf)

Le Conte de Neferkare et du General Sisene by Georges Posener (as pdf)

Courtship Scenes in Attic Vase-Painting by H.A. Shapiro (as pdf)

Martial's Sexual Attitudes by J.P. Sullivan (as pdf)

Eisi Triches: An Erotic Motif in the Greek Anthology by Sonya Lida Taran (as pdf)

What Can the Gilgamesh Myth Tell Us about Religion and the View of Humanity in Mesopotamia by Berit Thorbjornsrud (as pdf)

Acknowledgments (as pdf)

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