Studies of Homosexuality Volume 10

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Closets of Power by Taylor Branch (as pdf)

Obstacles to Equality: Government Responses to the Gay Rights Movement in the United States by Paula Gunn Allen (as pdf)

Female Support Networks and Political Activism: Lillian Wald, Crystal Eastman, Emma Goldman by Blanche Wiesen Cook (as pdf)

Military Policy toward Homosexuals: Scientific, Historical, and Legal Perspectives by Jeffrey S. Davis (as pdf)

Making and Unmaking Minorities: The Tensions between Gay Politics and History by John D'Emilio (as pdf)

Gay Politics, Ethnic Identity: The Limits of Social Constructionism by Steven Epstein (as pdf)

Sexual Revolution and the Politics of Gay Identity by Jeffrey Escoffier (as pdf)

The Etiology of Intolerance of Homosexual Politics by James L. Gibson and Kent L. Tedin (as pdf)

Why Gay Leaders Don't Last: The First Ten Years after Stonewall by David Jernigan (as pdf)

Periods of the Movement by Warren Johansson (as pdf)

Social Theory, Social Movements and Public Policy: Recent Accomplishments of the Gay and Lesbian Movements in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Lawrence Knopp (as pdf)

Student Homophile League: Founder's Retrospect by Robert A. Martin (as pdf)

A Punk's Song: View from the Inside by Donald Tucker (as pdf)

Being Discovered: A Study of Homosexuals in the Military by Colin J. Williams and Martin S. Weinberg (as pdf)

Refugees from Amerika: A Gay Manifesto by Carl Wittman (as pdf)

Homosexual and Drug Behavior in Prison: A Test of the Functional and Importation Models of the Inmate System by Ronald L. Akers, Norman S. Hayner and Werner Gruninger (as pdf)

"Ladies" behind Bars: A Liminal Gender as Cultural Mirror by John M. Coggeshall (as pdf)

Sexual Assaults in the Philadelphia Prison System and Sheriff's Vans by Alan J. Davis (as pdf)

Social Roles in a Prison for Women by Rose Giallombardo (as pdf)

The Homosexual in Prison by Edwin Johnson (as pdf)

Prison Homosexuality and Its Effect on Post-Prison Sexual Behavior by Edward Sagarin (as pdf)

Homosexuality: A Mode of Adaptation in a Prison for Women by David A. Ward and Gene G. Kassebaum (as pdf)

Acknowledgments (as pdf)

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