Studies of Homosexuality Volume 11

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Sexual Preference Similarity, Attitude Similarity, and Perceived Counselor Credibility and Attractiveness by Donald R. Atkinson, Stephen Brady and J. Manuel Casas (as pdf)

"I'd Rather Be Dead Than Gay": Counseling Gay Men Who Are Coming Out by Jeffrey Beane (as pdf)

Similarity and Attraction in Homosexual Males: The Effects of Age and Masculinity-Femininity by Tom Boyden, John S. Carroll and Richard A. Maier (as pdf)

Childhood Cross-Gender Behavior and Adult Homosexuality by J.M. Carrier (as pdf)

Homosexual Panic: A Review of Its Concept by Henry T. Chuang and Donald Addington (as pdf)

Neurohormonal Functioning and Sexual Orientation: A Theory of Homosexuality-Heterosexuality by Lee Ellis and M. Ashley Ames (as pdf)

The Psychoanalytic Model of Male Homosexuality: A Historical and Theoretical Critique by Robert M. Friedman (as pdf)

Childhood Photographs of Homosexual and Heterosexual Men by Edward A. Grellert (as pdf)

Homosexual Identity: Commitment, Adjustment, and Significant Others by Sue Kiefer Hammersmith and Martin S. Weinberg (as pdf)

Parasuicide, Gender, and Gender Deviance by Joseph Harry (as pdf)

The Adjustment of the Male Overt Homosexual by Evelyn Hooker (as pdf)

Jung's Attitudes toward Homosexuality: A Review by Robert H. Hopcke (as pdf)

Counseling Gay Adolescents by Gerald P. Jones (as pdf)

Commitment in Same-Sex Love Relationships by Robert A. Lewis, Ellen B. Kozac, Robert M. Milardo and Wayne A. Grosnick (as pdf)

"Here is Adhesiveness": From Friendship to Homosexuality by Michael Lynch (as pdf)

The Psychoanalytic Perspective of Adolescent Homosexuality: A Review by Jon K. Mills (as pdf)

Heterosexual Bias in Psychological Research on Lesbianism and Male Homosexuality by Stephen F. Morin (as pdf)

Casework Intervention with a Homosexual Adolescent by Russell Needham (as pdf)

Integrating Gay Issues into Counselor Education by Joseph L. Norton (as pdf)

Psychotherapy with Lesbians: Some Observations and Tentative Generalizations by Barbara E. Sang (as pdf)

Counseling Lesbians by Joan Sophie (as pdf)

Theories of Sexual Orientation by Michael D. Storms (as pdf)

Becoming Homosexual: A Model of Gay Identity Acquisition by Richard R. Troiden (as pdf)

Sexual Orientation and Cognitive Abilities by Gordon E. Tuttle and Richard C. Pillard (as pdf)

A Cross-Cultural Assessment of Early Cross-Gender Behavior and Familial Factors in Male Homosexuality by Frederick L. Whitam and Michael Zent (as pdf)

Cognitive Characteristics and Homosexuality by Martin Willmott and Harry Brierley (as pdf)

Acknowledgments by Taylor Branch (as pdf)

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