Studies of Homosexuality Volume 12

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Wittgenstein And Homosexuality by W.W. Bartley,III (as pdf)

Appendix by Edward Batchelor, Jr. (as pdf)

The Homosexual Subculture at Worship: A Participant Observation Study by Paul F. Bauer (as pdf)

Paul's Views on the Nature of Women and Female Homoeroticism by Bernadette J. Brooten (as pdf)

Archives by Judith C. Brown (as pdf)

D.S. Bailey and "the Name Forbidden among Christians" by Jonathan Sinclair Carey (as pdf)

On The Connection Between Homosexuality and Divination and The Importance of The Intermediate Sexes Generally In Early Civilizations by Edward Carpenter (as pdf)

The Vatican Statement on Homosexuality by Gerald D. Coleman, S.S. (as pdf)

Dignity, Inc. : an alternative experience to church by David Davidson (as pdf)

Heterosexist Theology Being Above It All by Carter Heyward (as pdf)

Unenglish and Unmanly: Anglo-Catholicism and Homosexuality by David Hilliard (as pdf)

Celibacy: The Case Against Liberating Lesbian Nuns by Mary Hunt (as pdf)

Whosoever Shall Say To His Brother, Racha by Warren Johansson (as pdf)

The Entimos Pais Of Matthew 8:5-13 And Luke by Donald Mader (as pdf)

Homophile Ethics by Merritt M. Thompson (as pdf)

Philosophies Of Homophobia and Homophilia by Laurence J. Rosan (as pdf)

"My Beloved Is Like A Gazelle": Imagery Of The Beloved Boy In Religious Hebrew Poetry by Norman Roth (as pdf)

Clement Of Alexandria And Secret Mark: The Score At The End Of The First Decade by Edward Batchelor, Jr. (as pdf)

Is There a Reform Response to Homosexuality by Rav A. Soloff (as pdf)

Homosexualitat in biblisher Sicht by Von Georg Strecker (as pdf)

This Gay Tribe: A Brief History Of Fairies by Mark Thompson (as pdf)

Homosexuals Or Prostitutes? The Meaning Of Apenokoitai (1 Cor. 6:9, 1 tim. 1:10) by David F. Wright (as pdf)

Ackknowledgments and Index (as pdf)

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