Studies of Homosexuality Volume 13

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The Development of the Homosexual Bar as an Institution by Nancy Achilles (as pdf)

The Construction of a Sociological "Homosexual" in Canadian Textbooks by Barry D. Adam (as pdf)

Inferiorization and "Self Esteem" by Barry D. Adam (as pdf)

Social Structure and Homosexuality: A Theoretical Appraisal by A.E. Ashworth and W.M Walker (as pdf)

Realities of Gay and Lesbian Aging by Raymond M. Berger (as pdf)

Coming Out in the Gay World by Barry M. Dank (as pdf)

Tearoom Trade: A Research Update by Frederick J. Desroches (as pdf)

Prevalence and Patterns of Same-Gender Sexual Contact among Men by Robert E. Fay, Charles F. Turner, Albert D. Klassen and John H. Gagnon (as pdf)

Incidence of Overt Homosexuality in the United States and Western Europe by Paul H. Gebhard (as pdf)

Age and Sexual Culture among Homosexuality Oriented Males by Joseph Harry and William DeVall (as pdf)

Gay Marriages and Communities of Sexual Orientation by Joseph Harry and Robert Lovely (as pdf)

Managing Deviance: Hustling, Homophobia, and the Bodybuilding Subculture by Alan M. Klein (as pdf)

The Social Organization of Sexual Risk by John Alan Lee (as pdf)

Gay Ghetto by Martin P. Levine (as pdf)

The Homosexual Community by Maurice Leznoff and William A. Westley (as pdf)

The Homosexual Role by Mary McIntosh (as pdf)

Adult Sexual Resocialization: Adjustments toward a Stigmatized Identity by Brian Miller (as pdf)

The Male House of Prostitution by David J. Pittman (as pdf)

The Older Lesbian: Love Relationships and Friendship Patterns by Sharon M. Raphael and Mina K. Robinson (as pdf)

The Social Integration of Queers and Peers by Albert J. Reiss, Jr. (as pdf)

The Homosexual Escort Agency: Deviance Disavowal by Edna Salamon (as pdf)

Women among Men: Females in the Male Homosexual Community by Women among men females in the male (as pdf)

Gay Baths and the Social Organization of Impersonal Sex by Martin S. Weinberg and Colin J. Williams (as pdf)

The Homosexual Role: A Reconsideration by Frederick L. Whitam (as pdf)

Father-Son Incest: A Review and Analysis of Reported Incidents by Mark Williams (as pdf)

Acknowledgments (as pdf)

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