Studies of Homosexuality Volume 3

From William A. Percy
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Chigo Monogatari: Love Stories or Buddhist Sermons? by Margaret H. Childs (as pdf)

"Le Vice" in Turkey by Jonathan Drake (as pdf)

Homosexuality and Transvestitism in the Philippines: The Cebuan Filipino Bayot and Lakin-on by Donn V. Hart (as pdf)

The Korean "Namsadang" by Young Ja Kim (as pdf)

Lesbianism in the Chinese of Hong Kong by F.Lieh-Mak, K.M. O'Hoy and S.L. Luk (as pdf)

Homosexual Offences in Ch'ing Law by M.J. Meijer (as pdf)

The Hijras of India: A Preliminary Report by Serena Nanda (as pdf)

The Covert Subculture of Male Homosexual Prostitutes in Metro-Manila by Lamberto C. Nery (as pdf)

Ar-Razi on the Hidden Illness by Franz Rosenthal (as pdf)

Male Homosexuality in Contemporary Mainland China by Fang-Fu Ruan and Yung-mei Tsai (as pdf)

The Flower Boys of Silla (Hwarang): Notes on the Sources by Father Richard Rutt (as pdf)

Hafiz and His Critics by Annemarie Schimmel (as pdf)

Men, Women, and Boys: Love and Sex in the Works of Sa'di by Minoo S. Southgate (as pdf)

Social Profile of Homosexuals in an Indian Male Prison by S.P. Srivastava (as pdf)

Man Becomes Woman: Transsexualism in Oman as a Key to Gender Roles by Unni Wikan (as pdf)

Acknowledgments (as pdf)

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