Studies of Homosexuality Volume 4

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Tom of Finland: An Appreciation by Nayland Blake (as pdf)

The Case of Rosa Bonheur: Why Should a Woman Want to be More Like a Man by Albert Boime (as pdf)

Rebel without a Closet: Homosexuality and Hollywood by Christopher Castiglia (as pdf)

Film in Drag: Transvestitism on the Screen by Edward Connor (as pdf)

Is the NAMES Quilt Art? by E.G. Crichton (as pdf)

Review Essay: Vito Russo, "The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies" by Richard Dyer (as pdf)

Gay Images in Photography: Picturing the Homoerotic by Allen Ellenzweig (as pdf)

Jerome Duquesnoy the Younger: Two Studies by Anonymous (as pdf)

Caravaggio's Homo-Erotic Early Works by Donald Posner (as pdf)

"A Veil of Ice between My Heart and the Fire": Michelangelo's Sexual Identity and Early Modern Constructs of Homosexuality by James M. Saslow (as pdf)

Sex, Death and Free Speech: The Fight to Stop Friedkin's "Cruising" by Scott Tucker (as pdf)

It's in the Can: Jasper Johns and the Anal Society by Jonathan Weinberg (as pdf)

O Homossexualismo como Tema no Moderno Teatro Brasileiro by Luis Canales (as pdf)

Constructing the Spectator: Reception, Context, and Address in Lesbian Performance by Kate Davy (as pdf)

Patterns of Dominance: Men, Women, and Homosexuality in Dance by Judith Lynne Hanna (as pdf)

Sergei Diaghilev: Myth and Reality by Simon Karlinsky (as pdf)

Tchaikovsky's Suicide: Myth and Reality by Alexander Poznansky (as pdf)

Theater, Theater! by Margarete Schafer (as pdf)

The Evolution of the Male Impersonator on the Nineteenth-Century Popular Stage by Laurence Senelick (as pdf)

Notes on Lesbian Theatre by Emily L. Sisley (as pdf)

Franz Schubert's "My Dream" by Maynard Solomon (as pdf)

A Play on Doubles: The Calandria by Pamela D. Stewart (as pdf)

Dyke Diction: The Language of Lesbians by Leonard R.N. Ashley (as pdf)

The Etymology of the Word Faggot by Warren Johannsson (as pdf)

Lexical and Institutional Elaboration: The "Species Homosexual" in Guatemala by Stephen O. Murray (as pdf)

Folklore and Male Homosexuality by Venetia Newall (as pdf)

In America They Call Us Dykes: Notes on the Etymology and Usage of "Dyke" by J.R. Roberts (as pdf)

Acknowledgments (as pdf)

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