Studies of Homosexuality Volume 5

From William A. Percy
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Die Homosexualitat in Koln am Ende des 15. Jahrhunderts by Iwan Bloch (as pdf)

Christian Brotherhood or Sexual Perversion? Homosexual Identities and the Construction of Sexual Boundaries in the World War One Era by George Chauncey,Jr (as pdf)

Attitudes to Homosexuality in Eighteenth-Century France by D.A. Coward (as pdf)

La fenice di Sodoma: Essere omosessuale nell'Italia del Rinascimento by Giovanni Dall'Orto (as pdf)

Gay Politics, Gay Community: San Francisco's Experience by John D'Emilio (as pdf)

Homosexuality and Rape of Males in Old Norse Law and Literature by Kari Ellen Gade (as pdf)

Buggery and the British Navy, 1700-1861 by Arthur N. Gilbert (as pdf)

London's Medieval Sodomites by Warren Johansson (as pdf)

Russia's Gay Literature and Culture: The Impact of the October Revolution by Simon Karlinsky (as pdf)

Sodomy: The Fateful Accident by William Monter (as pdf)

The Mythic Mannish Lesbian: Radclyffe Hall and the New Woman by Esther Newton (as pdf)

"Things Fearful to Name": Sodomy and Buggery in Seventeenth-Century New England by Robert F. Oaks (as pdf)

Sexual Matters: On Conceptualizing Sexuality in History by Robert A. Padgug (as pdf)

Parisian Homosexuals Create a Lifestyle, 1700-1750: The Police Archives by Michael Rey (as pdf)

Mollies or Men of Mode? Sodomy and the Eighteenth-Century London Stage by Laurence Senelick (as pdf)

Iconography of a Scandal: Political Cartoons and the Eulenburg Affair by James D. Steakley (as pdf)

Sodomitical Subcultures, Sodomitical Roles, and the Gender Revolution of the Eighteenth Century: The Recent Historiography by Randolph Trumbach (as pdf)

Acknowledgments(as pdf)

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