Studies of Homosexuality Volume 6

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AIDS and Mr.Korematsu: Minorities in Times of Crisis by Mark Barnes (as pdf)

The Legal Enforcement of Morals and the So-Called Hart-Devlin Controversy by Yves Caron (as pdf)

From Constitutional Psychopathic Inferiority to AIDS: What Is in the Future for Homosexual Aliens by Jorge L. Carro (as pdf)

Judicial Homophobia: Gay Rights Biggest Roadblock by Joshua Dressler (as pdf)

Gay Aliens and Immigration: Resolving the Conflict Between Hill and Longstaff by Peter N. Fowler and Leonard Graff (as pdf)

Gratuitous Language in Appellate Cases Involving Gay People: "Queer Baiting" from the Bench by Lawrence Goldyn (as pdf)

Permitting Prejudice to Govern: Equal Protection, Military Deference, and the Exclusion of Lesbians and Gay Men from the Military by Seth Harris (as pdf)

Hate Crimes against Lesbians and Gay Men: Issues for Research and Policy by Gragory M. Herek (as pdf)

Custody Rights of Lesbian Mothers: Legal Theory and Litigation Strategy by Nan D. Hunter and Nancy D, Polikoff (as pdf)

Homosexuality and the European Convention on Human Rights: What Rights? by Daniel J. Kane (as pdf)

A Comparative Analysis of Dudgeon v. United Kingdom and Bowers v. Hardwick by Jennifer F. Kimble (as pdf)

The Impact of Parental Homosexuality in Child Custody Cases: A Review of the Literature by David J. Kleber, Robert J. Howell and Alta Lura Tibbits-Kleber (as pdf)

Employment Discrimination against Persons with AIDS by Arthur S. Leonard (as pdf)

Discrimination against Lesbians in the Work Force by Martin P. Levine and Robin Leonard (as pdf)

From this Day Forward: A Feminine Moral Discourse on Homosexual Marriage by Claudia A. Lewis (as pdf)

There May Be Harm in Asking: Homosexual Solicitations and the Fighting Words Doctrine by Thomas E. Lodge (as pdf)

Lifestyles and Violence: Homosexual Victims of Assault and Murder by Brian Miller and Laud Humphreys (as pdf)

The AIDS Epidemic and Gay Bathhouses: A Constitutional Analysis by Judith A. Rabin (as pdf)

Constitutional Privacy and Homosexual Love by David A.J. Richards (as pdf)

Sexual Identity and the Constitution: Homosexual Persons as a Discrete and Insular Minority by Elvia Rosales Arriola (as pdf)

Police Harassment of Homosexual Women and Men in New York City, 1960-1980 by Steven A. Rosen (as pdf)

Laboucher's Amendment to the Criminal Law Amendment Bill by F.B. Smith (as pdf)

Non-Commercial Sexual Solicitation: The Case for Judicial Invalidation by Arthur C. Warner (as pdf)

Acknowledgments (as pdf)

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