Studies of Homosexuality Volume 7

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Lesbians in the Mainstream: Images of Lesbians in Recent Commercial Fiction by Maureen Brady and Judith McDaniel (as pdf)

The Balance of Power in Lesbian Relationships by Mayta A. Caldwell and Letita Anne Peplau (as pdf)

"Women Alone Stir My Imagination": Lesbianism and the Cultural Tradition by BlancheWiesen Cook (as pdf)

Rejecting "Femininity": Lesbianism and the Cultural Tradition by Margaret Cooper (as pdf)

Correlates of Relationship Satisfaction in Lesbian Couples by Natalie S. Eldridge and Lucia A. Gilbert (as pdf)

Theory and Research on Lesbian Identity Formation by Phyllis E. Elliott (as pdf)

From Illness to Action: Conceptions of Homosexuality in The Ladder, 1956-1965 by Kristin Gay Esterberg (as pdf)

The Right to Lesbian Parenthood by Gillian Hanscombe (as pdf)

Middle Age and the Lesbian Experience by Martha Kirkpatrick (as pdf)

The Problem of Fusion in the Lesbian Relationship by Jo-Ann Krestan and Claudia S. Bepko (as pdf)

Lesbian Motherhood: Identity and Social Support by Eileen F. Levy (as pdf)

The Shattering of an Illusion: The Problem of Competition in Lesbian Relationships by Joyce P. Lindenbaum (as pdf)

Lesbian Intertextuality by Elaine Marks (as pdf)

A Psychological Retrospective on Power in the Contemporary Lesbian-Feminist Community by Sherry McCoy and Maureen Hicks (as pdf)

Butch-Fem Relationships: Sexual Courage in the 1950's by Joan Nestle (as pdf)

Psychological Adjustment and Life Style of Single Lesbians and Single Heterosexual Women by Andrea Kincses Oberstone and Harriet Sukoneck (as pdf)

Secrecy in the Lesbian World by Barbara Ponse (as pdf)

"Imagine My Surprise": Women's Relationships in Historical Perspective by Leila J. Rupp (as pdf)

Working Lesbians: Role Conflicts and Coping Strategies by Sandra A. Shachar and Lucia A. Gilbert (as pdf)

"They Wonder to Which Sex I Belong": The Historical Roots of the Modern Lesbian Identity by Martha Vicinus (as pdf)

"Everything is Out of Place": Radclyffe Hall and the Lesbian Literary Tradition by Gillian Whitlock (as pdf)

What Has Never Been: An Overview of Lesbian Feminist Literary Criticism by Bonnie Zimmerman (as pdf)

Acknowledgments' (as pdf)

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