Studies of Homosexuality Volume 8

From William A. Percy
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Balzac du cote de Sodome by Philippe Berthier (as pdf)

Homosexuality and the Chicano Novel by Juan Bruce-Novoa (as pdf)

"Something Cloudy, Something Clear": Homophobic Discourse in Tennessee Williams by John M. Clum (as pdf)

"Descend, and Touch, and Enter": Tennyson's Strange Manner of Address by Christopher Craft (as pdf)

Representation and Homophobia in The Picture of Dorian Gray by Richard Dellamora (as pdf)

The Dominant and the Deviant: A Violent Dialectic by Jonathan Dollimore (as pdf)

"Wheyting Be Dat?" The Treatment of Homosexuality in African Literature by Chris Dunton (as pdf)

Reaction to the Publication of the Sonetos del Amor Oscuro by Daniel Eisenberg (as pdf)

Beauty's Purple Flame: Some Minor American Gay Poets, 1786-1936 by Stephen Wayne Foster (as pdf)

Uranian Worlds: The Best of Gay Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Eric Garber (as pdf)

The Life of a Christian Boy-Lover: The Poet Willem De Merode by Hans Hafkamp (as pdf)

Literature and Homosexuality in the Late Eighteenth Century: Walpole, Beckford, and Lewis by George E. Haggerty (as pdf)

Heartthrobs & Heartbreaks: A Guide to Young Adult Books with Gay Themes by Christine Jenkins (as pdf)

"If I Saw You Would You Kiss me?": Sapphism and the Subversiveness of Virginia Woolf's Orlando by Sherron E. Knopp (as pdf)

Francois Villon et l'homosexualite by Yvon G. Lepage (as pdf)

"Enviable Isles": Melville's South Seas by Robert K. Martin (as pdf)

Albertine the Ambiguous: Notes on Proust's Transposition of Sexes by Justin O'Brien (as pdf)

The Loss of Reason and the Sin Contra Natura in Lezama's Paradiso by Gustavo Pellon (as pdf)

"Deal Gently with the Young Man": Love of Boys in Medieval Hebrew Poetry of Spain by Norman Roth (as pdf)

The Beast in the Closet: James and the Writing of Homosexual Panic by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick (as pdf)

Contemporary Homosexual Fiction and the Gay Rights Movement by Trudy Steuernagel (as pdf)

Zero Degree Deviancy: The Lesbian Novel in English by Catharine R. Stimpson (as pdf)

Acknowledgments (as pdf)

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