Studies of Homosexuality Volume 9

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Homosexual Behavior in a Laboratory Group of Stumptail Monkeys (Macaca arctoides): Forms, Contexts, and Possible Social Functions by Suzanne Chevalier-Skolnikoff (as pdf)

The Meaning of AIDS by Dennis M. Doyle (as pdf)

Homosexuality in Monozygotic Twins Reared Apart by Elke D. Eckert, Thomas J. Bouchard, Joseph Bohlen, and Leonard L. Heston (as pdf)

The Political Uses of an Epidemic by Michael J. Fumento (as pdf)

Power, Prestige, Profit: AIDS and the Oppression of Homosexual People by Marti Gronfors and Olli Stastrom (as pdf)

Getting to Serenity: Do Addiction Programs Sap our Political Vitality? by Ellen Herman (as pdf)

Homosexuality as a Cause of Alcoholism: A Historical Review by S. Israelstam and S. Lambert (as pdf)

Gynecologic Care for the Lesbian by Susan R. Johnson and Jefri L. Palermo (as pdf)

AIDS, Gays, and State Coercion by Richard D. Mohr (as pdf)

Gender-Transposition Theory and Homosexual Genesis by John Money (as pdf)

Medical Policy without Scientific Evidence: The Promiscuity Paradigm and AIDS by Stephen O. Murray and Kenneth W. Payne (as pdf)

The Sensuous Hippie Part II: Gay/Straight Differences in Regard to Drugs and Sexuality by John A. Newmeyer (as pdf)

Sex Difference and Male Homosexuality in French Medical Discourse, 1830-1930 by Robert A. Nye (as pdf)

Discrimination and AIDS by Robert Pargetter and Elizabeth W. Prior (as pdf)

Understanding the Homosexual Patient by Michael W. Ross (as pdf)

Tranfiguring Sexual Identity: AIDS & the Contemporary Construction of Homosexuality by Steven Seidman, with Comment by Dennis Altman (as pdf)

The Motives of Gay Men for Taking or Not Taking the HIV Antibody Test by Karolynn Siegel, Martin P. Levine, Charles Brooks, and Rochelle Kern (as pdf)

Plethysmography in the Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Deviance: An Overview by Walther T. Simon and Peter G.W. Schouten (as pdf)

The Polls-A Report: AIDS by Eleanor Singer, Theresa F. Rogers, and Mary Corcoran (as pdf)

Counseling Homosexual Alcoholics: Ten Case Histories by Edward J. Small, Jr. and Barry Leach (as pdf)

A New Sociobiological Theory of Homosexuality Applicable to Societies with Universal Marriage by James D. Weinrich (as pdf)

Acknowledgments (as pdf)

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