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| [[#ANTHROPOLOGY AND ETHNOLOGY | Anthropology and Ethnology]] || [[#ART AND AESTHETICS|Art and Aesthetics]]  
| [[#ANTHROPOLOGY AND ETHNOLOGY | Anthropology / Ethnology]] || [[#ART AND AESTHETICS|Art & Aesthetics]] || [[#CLASSICAL GREECE AND ROME|Classical Greece & Rome]]
| [[#CLASSICAL GREECE AND ROME|Classical Greece and Rome]] || [#CONCEPTS, TERMS, AND THEORIES|Concepts, Terms, and Theories]  
|[#CONCEPTS, TERMS, AND THEORIES|Concepts, Terms, Theories] || [[#COUNSELING AND SOCIAL WORK | Counseling, Social Work] || [[#DISCRIMINATION | Discrimination]]  
|[#COUNSELING AND SOCIAL WORK | Counseling and Social Work] || [#DISCRIMINATION | Discrimination]  
|[[#ECONOMICS | Economics]] || [[#EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIP | Education, Scholarship]] || [[#GENDER | Gender]]
|[#ECONOMICS | Economics] ||[#EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIP | Education and Scholarship]
| [#GEOGRAPHY| Geography] || [[#GOVERNMENT | Government]] || [[#GROUPS | Groups]]
|[#GENDER | Gender] || [#GEOGRAPHY| Geography]  
|[[#GOVERNMENT | Government]] || [[#GROUPS | Groups]]
|[#HISTORY| History]  || [#HOMOPHOBIC CONCEPTS | Homophobic Concepts]
|[[#HISTORY| History]]  || [[#HOMOPHOBIC CONCEPTS | Homophobic Concepts]] || |[#INTERGENERATIONAL | Intergenerational]
|[#INTERGENERATIONAL | Intergenerational] || [#LANGUAGE | Language]
|[#LAW AND ITS ENFORCEMENT | Law and its Enforcement]  || [#LEISURE AND SPORTS | Leisure and Sports]
|[#LIFESTYLES | Lifestyles]  || [#LITERARY BIOGRAPHIES | Literary Biographies]  
|[#LITERATURE | Literature] ||  [#MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS | Media and Communications]  
| [#LANGUAGE | Language] || [[#LAW AND ITS ENFORCEMENT | Law (Enforcement)]] || [[#LEISURE AND SPORTS | Leisure and Sports]]  
|[#MEDICAL | Medical]  || [#MILITARY | Military]
|[[#LIFESTYLES | Lifestyles]]  || [[#LITERARY BIOGRAPHIES | Literary Biographies]] || [[#LITERATURE | Literature]]
|[#MOVEMENT, GAY AND LESBIAN | Movement, Gay and Lesbian] ||  [#MUSIC | Music]  
|[[#MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS | Media, Communications]] || [[#MEDICAL | Medical]] || [[#MILITARY | Military]]
|[#ORIENTAL STUDIES | Oriental Studies]  || [#ORIENTATIONS AND MODES | Orientations and Modes]  
|[[#MOVEMENT, GAY AND LESBIAN | Gay and Lesbian Movement]] || [[#MUSIC | Music]] || [[#ORIENTAL STUDIES | Oriental Studies]]
|[#PERFORMING ARTS | Performing Arts]  || [#PHILOSOPHY | Philosophy]  
|[[#ORIENTATIONS AND MODES | Orientations and Modes]] || [[#PERFORMING ARTS | Performing Arts]]  || [[#PHILOSOPHY | Philosophy]]  
|[#POLITICAL THEORY | Political Theory]  || [#PSYCHOLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY | Psychology and Psychiatry]  
|[#POLITICAL THEORY | Political Theory]  || [#PSYCHOLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY | Psychology and Psychiatry]  

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Anthropology / Ethnology Art & Aesthetics Classical Greece & Rome
Concepts, Terms, Theories] [[#COUNSELING AND SOCIAL WORK | Counseling, Social Work] Discrimination
Economics Education, Scholarship Gender
Geography] Government Groups
History Homophobic Concepts [#INTERGENERATIONAL | Intergenerational]
Language] Law (Enforcement) Leisure and Sports
Lifestyles Literary Biographies Literature
Media, Communications Medical Military
Gay and Lesbian Movement Music Oriental Studies
Orientations and Modes Performing Arts Philosophy
Political Theory] Psychology and Psychiatry]
Relationships] Religion and Mythology]
Roles] Rulers]
Science] Sex Research]
Sexual Practices] Sexual Sites]
Sociology] Symbolism and Semiotics]
Violence] Women]


Sub-Saharan Africa Amazonia American Indian Amazons Andean Cultures Anthropology Ruth Benedict Berdache Sir Richard Burton Circumcision Hubert Fichte Gay Male Folklore Lesbian Folklore North American Indians Mexico Pacific Cultures Paleo-Siberian Peoples Shamanism Siwa Oasis Sotadic Zone Travel and Exploration Typology


Aesthetic Movement Washington Allston Visual Art Beauty Contests Rosa Bonheur Sandro Botticelli Romaine Brooks Camp Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio Benvenuto Cellini Clothing Jean Cocteau Comic Strips Dance Fred Holland Day Charles Demuth Donatello Epicureanism Flower Symbolism Théodore Géricault Wilhelm von Gloeden Duncan Grant Harlem Renaissance Marsden Hartley Elisar von Kupffer Leonardo da Vinci Hans von Marées Michelangelo Buonarrotti Modernism Nude in Art Obesity Photography Pornography Sensibility Ted Shawn Sodoma (Giovanni Antonio Bazzi) Taste Variety, Revue, and Cabaret Entertainment Greek Vase Painting Andy Warhol Johann Joachim Winckelmann


Achilles Aeschines Aeschylus Alcibiades Alexander the Great Alexandria Amazons Antinous Aristophanes Aristotle Artemidoms of Daldis Athenaeus Augustine Beauty Contests Bilitis Caesar, Julius Catullus Cicero Clement of Alexandria Crete Dionysus Ephebophilia Epicureanism Etruscans Eunuchs Ganymede Gnosticism Ancient Greece Greek Anthology Gymnasia Hadrian Heliogabalus Hellenism Hellenistic Monarchies Hippocratic Corpus Homer Horace Inventor Legends Jesus Josephus Judeo-Christian Tradition Lucian of Samosata Manichaeanism Marcus Valerius Martial Mediterranean Homosexuality Classical Mythology Narcissus Nero Olympic Games Orpheus Patristic Writers Pederasty Petronius Philo of Alexandria Pindar Plato Plautus Plutarch Mary Renault Roman Emperors Ancient Rome Sappho Scythians Sicily Slavery Socrates Solon Sparta Stoicism Suetonius Symposia Tacitus Thebes Theocritus Theognis Tibullus Greek Vase Painting Vergil Zeno of Citium


Active-Passive Contrast Gay Activist Adhesiveness Ageism Anarchism Androgyny Androphilia Berdache Bisexuality Bohemianism Boston Marriage Buggery Butch-Fem Relationships Calamus Camp Catamite Celibacy Class Clone Closet Color Symbolism Coming Out Gay Community Consciousness Raising Consent Constitutional Homosexuality Counterculture Cruising Dandyism Deviance and Deviation Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Dyke Gender Dysphoria Historical Semantics of Effeminacy Ego-dystonic Homosexuality Ephebophilia Etiology Etymology Faggot Fetishes Fiedler Thesis Functioning Freudian Concepts Ganymede Gay Gender Gay Ghettos Heterosexuality Homophile Homophobia Homosexuality Concept of Homosexuality Term Homosexuality Homosociality Hydraulic Metaphor Identity Incarceration Motif Ingle Sexual Intermediate Stages Inversion Labeling Lambda Latent Homosexuality Lesbianism Open Lewdness Gay Liberation Libertarian Perspectives Libertinism Love Lover Macho Medical Theories Mediterranean Homosexuality Minions and Favorites Homosexuals as a Minority Mollis Molly Houses Homosexual Movement Sexual Objectification Oppression Sexual Orientation Homosexual Panic Paranoia Particular Friendships Pederasty Pedophilia Political Theory Polymorphous Perverse Prejudice Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Privacy Psychiatry Psychoanalysis Psychology Punk Queen Role Sadomasochism Safe Sex Self-esteem Gay Semiotics Sensibility Lesbian Separatism Sexism Sex-positive Sex-negative Shamanism Sissy Situational Homosexuality Slang Words for Homosexuals Social Construction Theory Sociobiology Sociology Sodomy Solicitation Stereotype Third Sex Trade Transsexual Transvestism Tribade Trick Typology Unisexual Uranianism Variant Victimless Crime Women's Names for Male Homosexuals


Ageism Aging AIDS Alcoholism Gay and Lesbian Asian-Americans Bisexuality Black Gay Americans Coming Out Gay Community Consciousness Raising Counseling Couples Discrimination Drugs Effeminacy Ethics Fantasies Fetishes Gender Gesture and Body Language Homophobia Homosexuality Concept of Homosexuality Identity Immigration Incidence, Frequency, and the Kinsey 0-6 Scale Labeling Latent Homosexuality Lesbianism Lifestyle Love Lover Marriage Mediterranean Homosexuality Homosexual Movement Myths and Fabrications Nature and the Unnatural Obesity Sexual Objectification Sexual Orientation Homosexual Panic Paranoia Lesbian and Gay Parents Pederasty Pedophilia Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Prostitution Psychiatry Psychology Psychotherapy Rape of Males Role Sadomasochism Safe Sex Self-esteem Sexually Transmitted Diseases Situational Homosexuality Slang Words for Homosexuals Social Work Gay Subculture Suicide Trade Transsexual Transvestism Violence Youth


Gay Activist Ageism Anti-Semitism Authoritarian Personality Aversion Therapy Black Gay Americans Blackmail Canon Law Homosexuality as Capital Crime, Censorship and Obscenity Christianity Common Law Consent Criminal Law Amendment Act Discrimination Exiles and Emigrants Heresy Holocaust Homophobia Immigration Inquisition Judaism Judeo-Christian Tradition Law (Major Traditions) Feudal and Royal Law Germanic Law United States Law Open Lewdness Gay Liberation Loitering McCarthyism Military Homosexuals as a Minority Homosexual Movement Myths and Fabrications Old Testament Oppression Paragraph 175 Lesbian and Gay Parents Patristic Writers Pink Triangle Police Prejudice Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Protestantism Psychiatry Sexism Sodomy Solicitation Stereotype Suicide Victimless Crime Violence


Bars Bathhouses Brothels Class Clothing Discrimination Economics John Maynard Keynes Phone and Computer Sex Pornography Gay Press Private Presses Prostitution Resorts Gay Subculture Travel Eroticization of Working Class


Anthologies Homosexual Apologetic Bibliography Biography and Autobiography Cambridge and Oxford Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Education H. Havelock Ellis Gay Studies Gymnasia Hellenism Magnus Hirschfeld History Heinrich Hoessli Homosociality Jahrbuch für sexuelle Zwischenstufen Ernst Kantorowicz Alfred C. Kinsey Libraries and Archives Homosexual Movement ONE, Inc. Pederasty Public Schools L.S.A.M. von Romer Gay Students John Addington Symonds Typology Karl Heinrich Ulrichs Gustav Wyneken Youth


Androgyny Berdache Bisexuality Butch-Fem Relationships Castrati Constitutional Homosexuality Gender Dysphoria Effeminacy Historical Semantics of Effeminacy Eunuchs Gay Male Folklore Lesbian Folklore Male Friendship Women's Romantic Friendship Gender Ghulamiyya Concept of Homosexuality Identity Sexual Intermediate Stages Lesbianism Macho Medical Theories Mukhannath Sexual Orientation Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Queen Role Lesbian Separatism Sexism Sissy Third Sex Transsexual Transvestism Typology Women's Names for Male Homosexuals


Afghanistan North Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Albania Alexandria Amazonia Andean Cultures Australia Austria Belgium Berlin Boston Brazil Burma Sir Richard Burton Canada Sir Roger Casement Chicago China Crete Cuba Denmark England France Social Geography Germany Gay Ghettos Modern Greece Gay Guides Haiti Alexander von Humboldt India Indonesia Iran Ireland Italy Japan Kadesh Barnea Korea Latin America London Los Angeles Mediterranean Homosexuality Mexico Netherlands New Orleans New York City Pacific Cultures Paris Philippines Poland Portugal Nikolai Przhevalski Quebec Russia and USSR San Francisco Sicily Siwa Oasis Sodom and Gomorrah Sotadic Zone Spain Sweden Thailand Travel and Exploration Turkey United States Venice Washington, DC


Aeschines Alcibiades Manuel Azaña Sir Roger Casement Censorship and Obscenity Cicero Discrimination Espionage Prince Philipp zu Eulenburg Exiles and Emigrbnts Government Henry, Prince of Prussia Immigration McCarthyism Harvey Milk Minions and Favorites Homosexuals as a Minority Homosexual Movement Eleanor Roosevelt Bayard Rustin Social


Ageism Aging Anti-Semitism Gay and Lesbian Asian-Americans Beatniks and Hippies Black Gay Americans Bloomsbury Castrati Gay Churches Circles and Affinity Groups Class Gay Community Counterculture Ethnophaulism Eunuchs Fiedler Thesis Freemasonry Gay Ghettos Harlem Renaissance Hoboes Holocaust Homosociality North American Indians Mattachine Homosexuals as a Minority Monasticism Homosexual Movement ONE, Inc. Pink Triangle Pirates Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Punk Rock Samurai Scientific-Humanitarian Committee Seafaring Slavery Gay Students Templars Eroticization of Working Class Youth


Alexandria Anglo-Saxons Biography and Autobiography Byzantine Empire Canaanites Ancient Celts Crete Ancient Egypt England Enlightenment Etruscans Lists of Famous Homosexuals France Germany Granada Ancient Greece Harlem Renaissance Hellenistic Monarchies History Holocaust Inquisition Inventor Legends Italy Josephus Ernst Kantorowicz Mamluks McCarthyism Ancient Mesopotamia Netherlands Harold Nicolson Papacy Pink Triangle Pirates Plutarch Renaissance Roman Emperors Ancient Rome Medieval Scandinavia Scythians Sixteenth-Century Legislation Slavery Spain Sparta Stonewall Rebellion Lytton Strachey Suetonius Symposia Tacitus Templars Thebes United States Venice


Aberration Abnormality Abomination Aristocratic Vice Aversion Therapy Edmund Bergler Buggery Contagion Contrary Sexual Feeling Decadence and Degeneration Disgust Faggot Fairy Fascist Perversion Fruit Homosexuality as a Denial of God Heresy Homophobia Immaturity Theory Inversion Infamy Injustice Collecting Inquisition Moral Insanity McCarthyism Medical Theories Myths and Fabrications Nameless Sin Nature and the Unnatural Homosexual Panic Paranoia Perversion Pink Triangle Prejudice Psychiatry Psychoanalysis Queer Recruitment Concept Sissy Slang Words for Homosexuals Sodomy Stereotype Teleology Usury


Ageism Aging Horatio Alger Antinous George Gordon Lord Byron Ralph Chubb Coming Out Consent Ephebophilia Benedict Friedlaender Ganymede Wilhelm von Gloeden Greek Anthology Hadrian Hoboes Islam John Henry Mackay Michelangelo Pederasty Pedophilia Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Prostitution Punk Recruitment Concept Frederick Rolfe Samurai Sotadic Zone Typology Walt Whitman Youth


Roland Barthes Buggery Censorship and Obscenity Color Symbolism Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Dyke Etymology Faggot Flower Symbolism Gay Male Folklore Lesbian Folklore Gesture and Body Language Graffiti Term "Homosexuality" Humor Hypocrisy Kaliardi Labeling Language and Linguistics Gay Semiotics Slang Words for Homosexuals Women's Names for Male Homosexuals


Anarchism Cesare Count Beccaria Jeremy Bentham Blackmail Brothels Buggery Jean-Jacques-Régis Cambacérès Canon Law Homosexuality as Capital Crime Censorship and Obscenity Common Law Consent Criminal Law Amendment Act Decriminalization Discrimination Espionage Government Gross Indecency Incest Inquisition Károly Mária Kertbeny Law (Major Traditions) Feudal and Royal Law Germanic Law Municipal Law United States Law Legal Procedure Open Lewdness Loitering Cesare Lombroso Homosexual Movement Murderers Mystery and Detective Fiction Paragraph 175 Pedophilia Penitentials Pirates Police Pornography Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Privacy Prostitution Rape of Males Sexual Liberty and the Law Sixteenth-Century Legislation Sodomy Solicitation Solon Victimless Crime Violence Wolfenden Report


Athletics Bars Bathhouses Beaches Beauty Contests Drugs Gay Games Gay Guides Gymnasia Lifestyle Mardi Gras and Masked Balls Olympic Games Resorts Symposia Television William Tilden Transvestism in Entertainment Travel and Exploration Variety, Revue, and Cabaret Entertainment Tom Waddell


Gay Activist Aging Asceticism Bars Beatniks and Hippies Bohemianism Camp Celibacy Clone Clothing Coming Out Gay Community Counterculture Dandyism Drugs Effeminacy Exiles and Emigrés Gay Ghetto Hoboes Identity Lifestyle Macho Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Prostitution Punk Rock Sadomasochism Seafaring Lesbian Separatism Gay Subculture Taste Transvestism


Abu Nuwas J. R. Ackerley Baron Jacques d'Adelswärd Fersen Aeschylus l´Alcibiade Fanciullo a Scola Horatio Alger Hans Christian Andersen Margaret Anderson Aretino Aristophanes Artemidorus of Daldis Athenaeus W. H. Auden James Baldwin Honoré de Balzac Herman Bang Djuna Barnes Natalie Barney Richard Barnfield Sylvia Beach William Beckford Biography and Autobiography Bloomsbury François le Metel de Boisrobert Jane Bowles John Horne Burns Sir Richard Burton George Gordon Lord Byron Truman Capote Willa Cather Catullus Constantine P. Cavafy Luis Cernuda Miguel de Cervantes Ralph Chubb Cicero Jean Cocteau Colette Louis Couperus Noel Coward Hart Crane René Crevel Aleister Crowley Dante Alighieri Giovanni Della Casa Emily Dickinson Hilda Doolittle Alfred, Lord Douglas Norman Douglas Robert Duncan T. S. Eliot Hubert Fichte Ronald Firbank Janet Flanner Gustave Flaubert E. M. Forster Henry B. Fuller Jean Genet Stefan George André Gide Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Paul Goodman Jacob Israel de Haan Hafiz Radclyff Hall Ernest Hemingway Guy Hocquenghem Homer Horace A. E. Housman Ibycus Christopher Isherwood Max Jacob Hans Henny Jahnn Henry James Alfred Jarry Marcel Jouhandeau Juvenal Christian Kampmann Jack Kerouac Heinrich von Kleist Mikhail Kuzmin Comte de Lautréamont (Isidore Ducasse) D. H. Lawrence Edward Lear Vernon Lee José Lezama Lima Federico Garcia Lorca Amy Lowell Lucian of Samosata John Henry Mackay Klaus Mann Thomas Mann Katherine Mansfield Christopher Marlowe Marcus Valerius Martial F. O. Matthiessen W. Somerset Maugham Robert McAlmon Carson McCullers Herman Melville Edna St. Vincent Millay Mishima Yukio Michel de Montaigne Robert de Montesquieu Henry de Montherlant H. H. Munro (Saki) Marc-Antoine Muret Harold Nicolson Frank O'Hara Joe Orton Wilfred Owen Pier Paolo Pasolini Walter Pater Joséphin Péladan Sandro Penna Antonio Pérez Fernando Pessoa Petronius Pindar August Count von Platen Plautus Angelo Poliziano Marcel Proust MaryRenault Arthur Rimbaud Earl of Rochester Frederick Rolfe Raymond Roussel Vasily Vasilievich Rozanov Rumi Vita Sackville-West Marquis de Sade Sa'di Ihara Saikaku Denis Sanguin de Saint-Pavin GeorgeSantayana Sappho Jean-Paul Sartre Luigi Settembrini William Shakespeare Jack Spicer Gertrude Stein E. I. Prime Stevenson John Addington Symonds Alfred Lord Tennyson Theocritus Theognis Tibullus Marina Tsvetaeva Benedetto Varchi Vergil Paul Verlaine Théophile de Viau Renée Vivien Voltaire Bruno Vogel Sylvia Townsend Warner Edward Perry Warren Anna Elisabet Weirauch Walt Whitman Oscar Wilde Tennessee Williams Johann Joachim Winckelmann Virginia Woolf Marguerite Yourcenar


Adhesiveness Aesthetic Movement Albertine Complex Classical Amazons Anthologies Beat Generation Bernesque Poetry Bilitis Biography and Autobiography Bloomsbury Burchiellesque Poetry Calamus Censorship and Obscenity Circles and Affinity Groups Contest Literature Fidentian Poetry Fiedler Thesis Epic of Gilgamesh Greek Anthology Humor Medieval Latin Poetry Modernism Mujun Mystery and Detective Fiction Classical Mythology Novels and Short Fiction Poetry Gay Press Private Presses Science Fiction Theatre and Drama


Advertisements Censorship and Obscenity Comic Strips Communications Film Graffiti Popular Music Photography Gay Press Private Presses Gay Semiotics Television Video


Aging AIDS Alcoholism Castrati Circumcision Drugs Eunuchs Hermaphrodite Hippocratic Corpus Richard von Krafft-Ebing Medical Theories Prostate Psychiatry Rape of Males Safe Sex Scythians Sexually Transmitted Diseases Transsexual Tom Waddell


Achilles Alcibiades Alexander the Great Amazons Caesar David and Jonathan Espionage Eugene of Savoy, Prince Frederik the Great, King of Prussia Frederik II Hohenstaufen, Holy Roman Emperor Gordon, General Charles George Josephus T. E. Lawrence General Hector Macdonald Mamluks Military Napoleon Pirates Alfred Redl Richard I, King of England Ernst Röhm Samurai Seafaring Sparta Templars Thebes


Gay Activist Arcadia Bilitis Hans Blüher Adolf Brand Edward Carpenter Gay, LudwigChurches Gay Community Consciousness Raising Criminal Law Amendment Act Decriminalization Discrimination Friedlaender, Benedict Gay Games Studies Gay Henry Gerber Kurt Hiller Magnus Hirschfeld Homophile Károly Mária Kertbeny Kupffer, Elisar von Lambda Gay Left Gay Liberation Mattachine Harvey Milk Homosexuals as a Minority Homosexual Movement ONE, Inc. Oppression Pink Triangle Gay Press Scientific-Humanitarian Committee Lesbian Separatism Stonewall Rebellion Students, Gay Karl Heinrich Ulrichs Carl Wittman Wolfenden Report


Benjamin Britten Castrati Noël Coward Dance Dionysus Manuel de Falla Francis Grierson Charles T. Griffes Harlem Renaissance Ludwig II, King of Bavaria Jean-Baptiste Lully Moms Mabley Metastasio Musicians Popular Music Opera Cole Porter Francis Poulenc Punk Rock Franz Schubert Seafaring Ethel Smyth Karol Szyrnanowski Peter I. Tchaikovsky Theatrical Transvestism


Gay and Lesbian Asian-Americans Buddhism Burma China India Japan Korea Mishima Yukio Pacific Cultures Paleo-Siberian Peoples Philippines Pirates Saikaku Ihara Samurai Sotadic Zone Thailand Theatrical Transvestism


Active-Passive Contrast Ageism Anal Sex Androphilia Berdache Bisexuality Butch-Fem Relationships Celibacy Effeminacy Ephebophilia Fantasies Fetishes Male Friendship Women's Romantic Friendship Heterosexuality Homosexuality Concept of Homosexuality Term "Homosexuality" Homosociality Impersonal Sex Incest Incidence, Frequency, and the Kinsey 0-6 Scale Latent Homosexuality Lesbianism Love Macho Mediterranean Homosexuality Sexual Objectification Oral Sex Sexual Orientation Pederasty Pedophilia Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Prostitution Rape of Males Role Sadomasochism Situational Homosexuality Trade Transvestism Typology Youth


(see also MUSIC)
Camp Montgomery Clift Jean Cocteau Noël Coward Sergei Diaghilev Rainer Werner Fassbinder Film Rock Hudson Liberace Pier Paolo Pasolini Françoise la Raucourt Ted Shawn Television Theatre and Drama Theatrical Transvestism Video Luchino Visconti Andy Warhol


St. Thomas Aquinas Aristotle Augustine Hans Blüher Enlightenment Epicureanism Ethics Marsilio Ficino Michel Foucault Charles Fourier Gay Liberation Libertinism Love Neoplatonism Philosophy Plato George Santayana Jean-Paul Sartre Arthur Schopenhauer Socrates Stoicism Utopianism Voltaire Ludwig Wittgenstein Zeno of Citium


Anarchism Aristotle Manuel Azaña Jeremy Bentham Cicero Conservatism Fascism Charles Fourier Paul Goodman Government Kurt Hiller Gay Left Liberalism Libertarian Perspectives John Henry Mackay Marxism Homosexuals as a Minority Nationalism Nazism Oppression Plato Political Theory Privacy Sexual Liberty and the Law Social Democracy Solon


Alfred Adler Alcoholism Artemidorus of Daldis Authoritarian Personality Aversion Therapy Edmund Bergler Bisexuality Coming Out Consciousness Raising Counseling Disgust Dreaming Drugs Gender Dysphoria Ego-dystonic Homosexuality Etiology Fantasies Sandor Ferenczi Freudian Sigmund Freud Functioning Gender Gesture and Body Language Homophobia Concept of Homosexuality Homosociality Identity Immaturity Theory Incidence, Frequency, and the Kinsey 0-6 Scale Carl Gustav Jung Labeling Latent Homosexuality Lesbianism Macho Medical Theories Sexual Objectification Orientation, Sexual Panic, Homosexual Paranoia Polymorphous Perverse Psychiatry Psychoanalysis Psychology Psychotherapy Rape of Males Reich, Wilhelm Role Rorschach Test Sadomasochism Satiation Self-esteem Situational Homosexuality Suicide Harry Stack Sullivan Twins Typology


Advertisements Ageism Boston Marriage Butch-Fern Relationships Celibacy Couples Cruising Ephebophilia Female Romantic Friendship Male Friendship Homosociality Impersonal Sex Incest Love Lover Marriage Parents, Lesbian and Gay Pederasty Pedophilia Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Prostitution Rape of Males Role Sadomasochism Slavery Typology


Abomination Abrahamic Religions Achilles Alan of Lille Anglicanism St. Thomas Aquinas Asceticism Astrology Augustine Canon Derrick Sherwin Bailey Beloved Disciple Théodore de Béze Buddhism Canaanites Canon Law Celibacy Circumcision St. John Chrysostom Clement of Alexandria Gay Clergy Christianity Gay Churches Peter Damian David and Jonathan Dionysus Ethics Ganymede Epic of Gilgamesh Gnosticism Homosexuality as a Denial of God Heresy Homer India Inquisition Intertestamental Literature Inventor Legends Islam Jesus Post-Biblical Judaism Judaism, Sephardic Judeo-Christian Tradition Kadesh Kadesh-Barnea Charles Webster Leadbeater Manichaeanism Middle Ages Monasticism Classical Mythology Narcissus Neoplatonism New Testament Old Testament Orpheus Papacy Patristic Writers Penitentials Philo Judaeus Protestantism Racha Rumi Shamanism Sodom and Gomorrah Sufism Talmud Witchcraft Zoroastrianism


(see also GENDER)
Active-Passive Contrast Berdache Bisexuality Butch-Fem Relationships Catamite Couples Eunuchs Hoboes Lover Macho Mediterranean Homosexuality Minions and Favorites Sexual Orientation Pederasty Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Public Schools Punk Rape of Males Role Ancient Rome Sadomasochism Shamanism Situational Homosexuality Slavery Stereotype Trade Transvestism Typology Eroticization of Working Class


Afghanistan Alexander the Great Azafia, Manuel Caesar, Julius China Christina, Queen of Sweden David and Jonathan Edward II, King of England Egypt, Ancient Eugene of Savoy, Prince Frederick the Great, King of Prussia Frederick I1 Hohenstaufen, Holy Roman Emperor Hadrian Heliogabalus Hellenistic Monarchies Henri III, King of France India James I, King of England Juan II, King of Castile Louis XIII, King of France Ludwig II, King of Bavaria Mamluks Napoleon Nero Papacy Richard I, King of England Roman Emperors Russia and USSR Solon William II, King of England


Abnormality Animal Homosexuality Aristotle Francis Bacon Benjamin Banneker Birds Constitutional Homosexuality Hermaphrodite Alexander von Humboldt Alfred C.Kinsey Nature and the Unnatural Prostate Science Science Fiction Sociobiology Nikola Tesla Alan Turing Twins


Arnold Aletrino Iwan Bloch Sir Richard Burton Edward Carpenter Vladimir Fiodorovich Chizh H. Havelock Ellis Sigmund Freud Benedict Friedlaender Rent Guyon Magnus Hirschfeld Heinrich Hoessli Concept of Homosexuality Incidence, Frequency, and the Kinsey 0-6 Scale Jahrbuch für sexuelle Zwischenstufen Alfred C.Kinsey Richard von Krafft-Ebing Cesare Lombroso Albert Moll Plethysmography L. S. A. M. von Romer Karl Heinrich Ulrichs


Active-Passive Contrast AIDS Anal Sex Animal Homosexuality Fetishes Handballing Impersonal Sex Incest Incidence, Frequency, and the Kinsey 0-6 Scale Masturbation Oral Sex Phone and Computer Sex Prostitution Rape of Males Sadomasochism Safe Sex Erotic Urination


Bars Bathhouses Beaches Brothels Social Geography Gay Guides Mardi Gras and Masked Balls Molly Houses Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Public Schools Resorts Seafaring Toilets Travel and Exploration


Gay Activist Advertisements Ageism Aging Beatniks and Hippies Bohemianism Censorship and Obscenity Circles and Affinity Groups Class Clone Coming Out Gay Community Counterculture Cruising Deviance and Deviation Discrimination Education Ethnophaulism Exiles and Emigrés Gay Male Folklore Lesbian Folklore Female Romantic Friendship Male Friendship Social Geography Gesture and Body Language Gay Ghettos Government Graffiti Gay Guides Hoboes Homosociality Identity Immigration Incidence, Frequency, and the Kinsey 0-6 Scale Labeling Language and Linguistics Lifestyle Military Homosexuals as a Minority Homosexual Movement Lesbian and Gay Parents Pirates Police Pornography Prejudice Gay Press Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Prostitution Public Schools Role Samurai Seafaring Gay Semiotics Lesbian Separatism Sex-negative, Sex-positive Shamanism Situational Homosexuality Slavery Social Work Sociobiology Sociology Stonewall Rebellion Gay Subculture Taste Trade Twins Typology Eroticization of Working Class Youth


Advertisements Calamus Censorship and Obscenity Clone Clothing Color Symbolism Communications Cruising Flower Symbolism Gesture and Body Language Graffiti Humor Kaliardi Lambda Language and Linguistics Popular Music Pink Triangle Gay Semiotics Slang Words for Homosexuals Transvestism


Homosexuality as Capital Crime Holocaust Homophobia Inquisition Murderers Mystery and Detective Fiction Pirates Police Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Rape of Males Ernst Rehm Slavery Stonewall Rebellion Suicide Violence


American Indian Amazons Classical Amazons Margaret Anderson Djuna Barnes Natalie Barney Sylvia Beach Ruth Benedict Bilitis Rosa Bonheur Boston Marriage Jane Bowles Romaine Brooks Butch-Fem Relationships Willa Cather Christina, Queen of Sweden Emily Dickinson Janet Flanner Lesbian Folklore Female Romantic Friendship Radclyffe Hall Lesbianism Ladies of Llangollen Amy Lowell Moms Mabley Katherine Mansfield Edna St. Vincent Millay Mary Renault Francoise la Raucourt Eleanor Roosevelt Vita Sackville-West Sappho Lesbian Separatism Sexism Ethel Smyth Gertrude Stein Tribade Renée Vivien Sylvia Townsend Warner Anna Elisabet Weirauch Virginia Woolf Marguerite Yourcenar


Antinous Athletics Beatniks and Hippies Beauty Contests Castrati Coming Out Consent Counterculture Education Ephebophilia Ganymede Gymnasia Hoboes Military Popular Music Olympic Games Pederasty Pedophilia Pornography Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories Prostitution Public Schools Punk Punk Rock Rape of Males Seafaring Situational Homosexuality Gay Students Typology Gustav Wyneken Youth

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