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Dr. Percy's genealogical information is available in five charts below


Thomas Percy Line

Descendants of Thomas George Percy, the first Percy born in America, Son of Charles Percy and Susannah Collins:
Will’s, Walker’s, and My Line   —   chart courtesy of Bertram Wyatt-Brown


Sarah Percy Line


Southern Bastard Line

The Southern Branch of the Robert Percy Line

(chart courtesy of Bertram Wyatt-Brown)


Northern Bastard Line

The Northern Branch of the Robert Percy Line

(chart courtesy of Bertram Wyatt-Brown)


Dent Line

View the Original, Hand-Drawn Family Tree

The following image is large and requires the use of scroll bars to view entirely.


Family Bios

=== Charles Percy === founder of the family who arrived in North Carolina about 1775 and Brit. West Fla. about 1776 via St. Eustatius Island in the Leewards

Sarah Dorsey

Kate Ferguson

Eleanor Percy Lee

John B. Minor

LeRoy Percy

on LeRoy Percy, 1860 – 1929 by PBS

Thomas George Percy

Walker Percy

on Walker Percy, 1916 – 1990 by Hugh Pearson
and see the Walker Percy Archive for more information about him AND the OTHER Percys

William Alexander Percy

on William Alexander Percy, 1885-1942 by PBS

Catherine Anne Warfield

Roy Percy

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