The Guide, January, 1989; volume 9, number 6

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Table of contents and masthead


Title: The quislings did it

Author: Tom Reeves

Summary: Proposed Massachusetts legislation would strip confidentiality protections for HIV tests and institute contact tracing, but has been supported by factions within the gay community who have a history of working with the police to oppress gay people.

First sentence(s): “During your next medical exam, anything you say can and will be used against you.”

Keywords: HIV discrimination, HIV confidentiality, AIDS, contact tracing, cruising, police tip-lines, sex crime, sexual liberation ----

Letters to the editor

Topics: Seeking safer-sex info, helping the Boston Public Library, seeking gay novels in Buffalo, Vermonter seeks Palm Beach info.

News Notes

Topics: Federal porn statute – the 1988 Child Protection and Enforcement Act – struck down; Alyson Press photo book ‘Sunbeams’ by Tony Patrioli faces censorship; Gays are ‘marginal’ says Democratic Party report; Christine Jorgensen dies, first American to undergo sex-change surgery; Army sergeant Perry Watkins wins court battle; NY mayor Ed Koch increases AIDS funds; McFeeley tapped as HRCF head; Arizona AG okays gay cops.

Dirty Dishes

Author: French Wall

Topics: Houston Pride bans ‘offensive’ drag; new magazines disproportionately devoted to sex; Madonna’s sneakers; Morton Downey, Jr., claims early gay sex; Norway gays fight porn; New Zealand censors Dr. Ruth; false penises attached to Chinese babies; cruising in Bois de Boulogne; Ann Landers shows anti-HIV bigotry; Larry Kramer criticizes Ron Reagan for failing to come out.

Common Sense

Author: John Mitzel

Title: Movies in your head

Summary: TV and film entrench well-wrought delusional storylines in people’s unconscious, whose loopings and loopiness are difficult to escape from.

First sentence(s): What movies do people have playing in their head?

Keywords: TV, movies, the unconscious, mass delusion, gay subculture, psychoanalysis, Freud, Jung.

Svend! A year after coming out as Canada’s first gay MP, Svend Robinson still surprises.

Article type: main feature

Author: Bill Andriette

Title: Summary: A profile of Svend Robinson, Canada’s first gay member of parliament.

First sentence(s): Svend Robinson was suffering burnout in the cold and gray of Ottawa, December 1987. After ten years in Parliament, he had a yen now to teach or work as a community activist.

Keywords: Svend Robinson, Canadian gay politics, Vancouver.

Sex in the News

Author: Boyd McDonald

Titles: 7 priests exposed in Newfoundland; Child rapes man’s mouth; Sports builds character, News of the straight life; A bath before dying; ‘Fondling’ brings 4-15 years in jail; Danny, 18, makes ‘oral sex’ films.

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