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Thomas K. Hubbard is Professor of Classics at the University of Texas, Austin and the world's leading authority on Greek Pederasty. He received his doctorate from Yale in 1980 and taught the first course in Gay & Lesbian Studies at his university in 1992. Among his relevant publications are:

Greek Love Reconsidered (New York: Wallace Hamilton, 2000), edited collection.
Homosexuality in Greece and Rome: A Sourcebook of Basic Documents (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2003) xvii+558pp. first two chapters and table of contents can be found online at his website
"Popular Perceptions of Elite Homosexuality in Classical Athens," Arion ser. 3, 6.1 (1998) 48-78.
"Pederasty and Democracy: The Marginalization of a Social Practice." In T. K. Hubbard, ed. Greek Love Reconsidered (New York: Wallace Hamilton Press, 2000) 1-11.
"Pindar, Theoxenus, and the Homoerotic Eye," Arethusa 35 (2002) 255-96.
"Sex in the Gym: Athletic Trainers and Pedagogical Pederasty," Intertexts 7 (2003) 1-26.
"The Varieties of Greek Love," The Gay & Lesbian Review 11.3 (2004) 11-12.
"History's First Child Molester: Euripides' Chrysippus and the Marginalization of Pederasty in Athenian Democratic Discourse," forthcoming in J. Davidson, F. Muecke, and P. Wilson (eds.), Greek Drama III: Studies in Memory of Kevin Lee = BICS Supplement 87 (London: Institute of Classical Studies, 2005) 223-44.
"Pindar's Tenth Olympian and Athlete-Trainer Relationships," in B. Verstraete and V. Provencal (eds.), Greek Love through the Ages: Same-Sex Desire and Love in the Greco-Roman World and in the Classical Tradition of the West (Binghamton: Haworth Press, 2005) 137-71 (= special issue of Journal of Homosexuality 49 [2005]).
"Ephebic Liminality and the Ambiguities of Apolline Sexuality," forthcoming in L. Athanassaki, V. , R. P. Martin, J. F. Miller (eds.), Apolline Politics and Poetics (Delphi: European Cultural Center, 2007).
"The Paradox of 'Natural' Heterosexuality with 'Unnatural' Women," forthcoming in a special issue of Classical World. review of D. M. Halperin, How to Do the History of Homosexuality (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2002), in Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2003.09.22 (electronic publication), can be found online at


Greek Love Reconsidered

Thomas Hubbard's review of James Davidson's book The Greeks and Greek Love: A Radical Reappraisal of Homosexuality in Ancient Greece

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