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This website, which describes itself as "A Gender Variance Who's Who" and "A prosopography of gender in theory and practice, its discontents and its enthusiasts" is by far the most comprehensive biographical database of transvestite and transgendered activists and personalities.

The first section of its index is of persons, not all of whom are trans, who are of interest to this blog because of something in their life. The title concept of this blog is 'gender variance' and that of course includes homeovestity, cisgendered gays and lesbians, and ordinary cisgendered heterosexuals. The latter are not usually featured in this blog, but sometimes are. The second section in the index is Places, Events and Movements. The third section in the index is of persons who are cisgendered, but are of interest, not for the gender variance of their own life, but in that they are a) doctors, sexologists etc who have dealt with some of the persons in the first section; b) spouses, lovers, chasers etc of persons who may be in the first section; c) authors of books, some negative, some positive, about persons who may be in the first section, or about germain concepts.

The fourth section is jargon, media (books, films, photographs etc) and miscellaneous.

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